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Happy (belated) National Guac Day!!

  The avocado is a stone fruit that has a creamy texture. It grows in tropical climates. Unlike most fruits that are rich in carbohydrates, the avocado fruit has a high content of fat. It may seem strange but there was a time when American's weren't familiar with the avocado. It took some time and a lot of great marketing for the avocado to become popular in the USA.  Over the past 15 years, American's have fallen in love with avocados. This fruit has become so popular that according to , nearly 2.6 billion pounds were consumed by Americans in 2019.  Although once a rare treat, avocados can be purchased year round at local grocery stores and are on most restaurant menus and are featured in many fast food chains. At this point, most people have come to expect it as a given that no matter where you eat, you can find a dish with avocado. More so, people are willing to pay between $6-$18 for sliced (or smashed) avocado on a piece of a bread! According to

Tugaloo Olympic Triathlon Race Recap - Part 2

  1.5K Swim Marni: 24:38  Karel: 25:14 With the time trial start and small participant list, the water never felt crowded. I was able to swim through a small group of athletes who started ahead of me and soon after the first buoy, I found myself swimming alone. I was passed by a few speedy swimmers and tried to stay on their feet but wasn't able to swim at their speed. I'd call this more of a half ironman effort as I felt like I was swimming strong but the effort was very familiar to me as it's what I know from endurance racing. Karel passed me in the first few hundred yards but I was able to pass him back as I always build my swims on race day. I felt myself getting stronger as the swim went on but couldn't find another gear to pick up the speed.  The water temp was warm but since it was raining, it never felt hot but instead, just perfect. There were a few buoys on the course but as I was swimming back to the shore, I couldn't sight the finishing arch. I kept look

Tugaloo Olympic Triathlon Race Recap - Part 1

  Pre-Race I had all the normal nerves going into the event. It was a welcomed experience to feel these emotions as I hadn't felt them since last October at the 2019 Ironman World Championship. Eleven months without racing felt like an eternity but one thing felt familiar.....I was super excited to race.  Since Karel and I registered for this event around two weeks ago, we didn't have any expectations for this event. There was no Olympic specific training. As endurance athletes, our strength is being great at not slowing down. Fast is relative but we certainly didn't feel "fast" going into this event. Not having expectations helped to eliminate any pressure that we needed to prove something at this event.  The day before the event was a normal day. We both went out for a pre-race workout (~45 min interval bike followed by a ~20-minute run) and then went straight into work mode. Since the event was only ~1:15 away, we opted to stay at home and head to the race venu