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Eat your way to healthy with my Kitchen Casserole

In the latest Tufts University newsletter (April 2012, Vol 30, Number 2), there was an interesting NewsBites on the cover page. Do you have any feedback or comments regarding this research? Doctor's Own Weight Affects Treatment of Overweight Patients Is your doctor overweight? The answer may make a difference t your own weight issues. A new nationwide survey of 498 physicians fins that doctors who are overweight or obese are less likely to engage their patients about the need for weight loss and feel less confident in their ability to provide counseling on diet and exercise. The 49-item questionnaire asked physicians about their own body-mass index (BMI) as wel as their dealings with patients' weight management. Normal-BMI doctors were more likely to say that physicians should serve as role models by maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly. And doctors' perceptions of whether patients' weight met or exceeded their own made a big difference in whether the d

Happy Plant-Strong anniversary for Karel and me!!

On December 4th, Karel and I watched the Forks over Knives documentary. It was really eye opening for the both of us but I was not quick to make any assumptions. Looking more into the no-fat, vegan "plant-strong" diet, I recognize that this "diet" was extremely restricted. However, there were many positive messages within the documentary and I feel it left an extreme impression on Karel. From the feedback from others, many people have changed eating habits after viewing this film. What did you think about the film? Nineteen years ago, I decided to not kill animals. I was around 11 years old and I made this decision on my own, while in middle school. I told my parents and that was that....19 amazing years of not eating fish, chicken, cows, turkey or any other animal. Over the last 8-10 years, I've probably made the most nutritional changes in my vegetarian diet. Learning more about variety, balance and the nutritional value of certain food sources, I've beco

Tampa Twilight Criterium Cycling Festival - recap

What a fabulous weekend. Training, racing and spending time with friends and family. Karel, like many of his friends, training partners and teammates, are not "real pro's". They work real jobs (weekends included) and then squeeze in training with the rest of life. Karel likes to challenge himself and race at a higher level and I think that is admirable and something we should all strive for in life....always trying to be better and to not be afraid to get out of our comfort zone. Karel and his boss Jeff make the time to train (Jeff is training for his first Ironman, IM Texas). For training/exercise is part of being in good health and when you are in good health, you are more happy, productive and overall, in better spirits. It's all about how you balance it all to maintain a sense of consistency in your life. After working at the hospital on Fri, I picked up Karel at work at the Trek Store and we hit the road to my parents down in New Port Richey. Saturday morning cam

Did you miss these??

Welcome to another week and a new month in 2012!!! Hopefully you are making the most of your days and finding that right "balance" to meet your nutrition, health, performance and lifestyle goals. Don't let life slip on sure you are taking the time every day to relax and reflect. The other day I mentioned that I had a few references for info on my website, specifically in regard to being a more educated consumer and better fueled athlete. You can find them here at , click MEDIA section and then you can search around. In case you missed it, my latest column articles are out for Iron Girl and LAVA magazine. From Ironman on Facebook: "If you struggle to lose weight, change your body composition (despite training vigorously), or have trouble feeling satisfied during the day, constantly battling cravings for sugar, chromium may be your answer. Here's an article from Lava Magazine about the importance of this mineral" Plates Not Pills: Chr

Winn Dixie Grocery Store Event - with RECIPES!

What a fantastic event at Winn Dixie. I was totally in my element, with my table being positioned right in the middle of the fruit and veggie section....heaven. Winn Dixie has been wonderful for allowing me to share my creations and love for wholesome eating. What better than to close National Nutrition Month with a colorful display, my stuffed veggie and fruit friends (from IKEA - thank you CINDY!), having my friend Amie help me out - who is an amazing photographer (see pics below or check out her website here . She is also TRX certified if you want an amazing workout! I highly recommend using her services - she's a mom of 3 and a runner - she can help you reach your goals!) and of course, speaking to open-minded customers about making a few swaps in the diet and welcoming a new way of eating and living life. I hope you enjoy a few of my creations from my Winn Dixie event. If you are part of a group, company, club or individual who would like me to make some creations for your nex