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Showing posts from October 21, 2007

Off-Season and time to exercise

I've been waiting for the off-season for a while. I had a slight dose of my off-season lifestyle when I was injured prior to kona but now I am fully enjoying my time off from training. Although I haven't made my decision if I will participate in the 70.3 World Championships in a couple weeks, I am taking it easy to completely heal my right leg. Still have a limp but I after only 2 weeks since the Ironman I am healing quicker than I expected. My post-kona "can't walk, stand, sit or crawl without pain" has turned into a slight sorenss in my quad. I'm sure I pulled a muscle since I ran the marathon of an Ironman after no running for 35 days, but taking some time off from training has really hurried the healing process. I guess I should have taken some time off before Kona to completely rest my leg, but as a competitive (and stubborn) athlete I had a hard time thinking I would go to a world championship race after not training for weeks. Well, even though I finish

Tips for Triathletes

One thing I love to do is volunteer for triathlons. I think I worked registration at almost every sprint race I did this summer. I love meeting new athletes and I love seeing my friends in the tri-community. I love it when newbies are scared to death for the next day's race and I love when newbies are super excited for their first triathlon experience. I just love it all from registration to the finish line. Enough was enough for feeling lazy so I contacted the Longleaf Triathlon Race Director on saturday morning and asked if I could work the USAT table at registration that afternoon. I didn't hear from the RD until later that evening so I jumped on the opportunity to work registration on race day morning. After a nice pizza dinner with Karel (pasta for him, yummy pizza for me) we watched a movie and called it a night. Early sunday morning we both got up to get the coffee going cause we both had places to be super early. I was working registration at 6am for the triathlon and K

Feeling Lazy

Lately I have been feeling lazy. I watch TV, read blogs, look at Ironman-related websites, I work on the couch (Thank goodness for my fabulous work with, I have no idea the temperature outside because I can't get off the couch and I am incredibly tired all the time (a 6 hour time change is no fun!). OH-and when I can limp my way to the kitchen, I eat. In order to convince myself that completing the Ironman World Championships validates that I can't use the "lazy" excuse for not wanting to get off the couch the week after the race, I thought I would recap my race. I am feeling much better and still carrying around a bad limp but at least I can still write and I can think clearly (well-sort of) here it goes. 5 weeks before the race I tried to finish a workout and suffered a horrible injury (hip bursitis and groin pain) which prevented me from running until the day of the race. Not just any race, the IRONMAN! I wouldn't advise a 5 week tap