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Do you call yourself an athlete?

Tomorrow we will welcome 21 campers to Greenville for 4.5 days of endurance training as part of our 2018 Trimarni advanced endurance camp. While a stressful and exhausting experience for us coaches, it's extremely rewarding to see our campers break out of their comfort zone and stretch their physical and mental boundaries. These campers will be swimming, biking and running for several hours a day (and multiple training sessions) as we put them through challenging training sessions while also addressing skills, sport nutrition, form, pacing, execution and terrain management. Without a doubt, these athletes will be tested mentally and physically but will gain valuable tools to use in training at their home environment, and on race day. Interestingly, many people struggle to self-identify as an athlete despite training for and participating in athletic events. And then there are those who struggle with motivation to stay active when they give up the identify of being an athlete be

Listening to the body

I had an incredibly tough past four days of training as I gear up for Ironman Wisconsin in 34 days. While no workout was "long" per Ironman-training standards (my longest bike was 3.5 hours and longest run was 1:21), I tested myself both mentally and physically with very structured workouts at a high intensity. While I shocked and impressed myself with the ability to perform my workouts as planned, Karel was unable to follow through with his scheduled training as he was feeling very fatigued and empty inside. Rather than pushing through or training with an ego, Karel listened to his body (that was screaming "rest"). While he still trained, it was loosely structured, low volume/intensity than planned and he based it all on feel. He didn't complain or worry about his season as he knows all too well that the body is worth listening to when something feels off.  As athletes, listening to your body can be rather difficult. For if you listened to it every tim