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Showing posts from October 24, 2021

Backlash over the athlete body

It's been interesting to hear the reactions to Kara Goucher's recent Facebook post which was a response to the body shaming within Oregon's Track and Field program ). From "amen" and "enough is enough" to "she's so thin, what is she talking about" and "she has body dysmorphia if she thinks she has fat" the feedback has been mixed. I assume that most reactions to the Oregon situation of fat shaming and eating disorders are outrage and sadness whereas some people are finding it hard to believe that an athlete like Kara Goucher would have body image issues - especially when the pictures she posted were what appeared to be a lean and fit athlete. There's a lot to unpack here but I will try my best without writing a book on this topic. Although I've probably written over a hundred articles/blogs on this topic so I could very well turn that into a book. Nonetheless, here we did we get here? Diet Culture Diet

Hincapie Gran Fondo - Event Recap

  When planning my 2021 race season, I had intended on the Ironman 70.3 World Championship and Xterra trail run being my last two events of the season. Although I felt officially finished with my season when returning home from Utah, I've been itching to be back in a competitive atmosphere.  The itch got stronger over the past two weeks when riding with the Supra Bar Cycling Club. We pre-rode parts of the course (Skyuka and Saluda Grade one week and then Green River Cove switchbacks the next week) during each ride and it made me realize how much I love being around others when I'm on my road bike.  By the time I decided I wanted to do the Hincapie Gran Fondo for the 4th time, the registration price was at its highest amount. I questioned if I wanted to pay that much and I decided it was too much and instead, I would just volunteer. I signed up for a volunteer shift from 6am-9am at Bag Check as I figured it would be the most "social" activity and I could see some famil