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Sport Nutrition Product Review - EVO1 vegan meal replacement

First Endurance Salt Lake City, Utah About the Company from the website: First Endurance was started in 2002 because endurance athletes weren’t getting the nutrition they deserved. Like you, the founders had struggled with bonking, cramping and having to ‘make deals with themselves’ to get across the finish line or even just to make it home. They saw their friends dealing with the same dilemmas and knew endurance nutrition could be better. The existing endurance nutrition companies didn’t offer products that met the needs of serious endurance athletes. These companies ignored the small, high-end group of dedicated athletes. They’d been working in the sports nutrition industry for a number of years and knew about the latest clinical research that was being done on endurance athletes utilizing new ingredients and technologies to dramatically improve endurance and performance. It was more expensive than what was currently available to endurance athletes, but

Benefits of pool toys for triathletes

Benefits of Pool Toys Most age-group triathletes come into the sport with little to no swimming experience. Because swimming is very skill specific, most triathletes lack the proper body position, alignment and posture to swim efficiently for continuous efforts. Poor swimming technique often brings added stress and unnecessary energy expended, which may cause frustration, anxiety and exhaustion while swim training. Because every triathlete should be swim-fit in an effort to feel confident at the start of a triathlon, the use of pool toys may help improve swimming mechanics which can also help to boost swim fitness.  Pull Buoy -  A pull buoy is a tool – not a crutch. A buoy provides assistance to help you hold horizontal alignment while also giving you buoyancy. When you swim with a buoy, pay close attention to what your body  feels like  with the added "lift". Let the buoy be an aid to teach you how to hold a more efficient body position without draggi

Trimarni All-Levels Camp - Behind the scenes

Thanks to our amazing camp SAG/photographer Joey, here are some of the behind the scene moments from our camp. In no particular order.....enjoy!!