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Fresh versus Frozen?

On my first day of interning at a Long Term Care facility/Nursing home, I took an hour break to be interviewed for My interviewer asked me to prepare for an online article on Fresh versus Frozen re: fruits and veggies. I spent much of last week doing my research and although I would have preferred to write the article, I thought this was a new and exciting opportunity for me. I have never been interviewed for an article so it was a great experience to provide my thoughts and research to the author. Because I did a lot of research for this interview, I will be expanding on the topic and writing my next (Jan) Iron Girl article on the topic. My deadline for Iron Girl is the 15th so I better start writing! I hope you enjoy the article. Katie Whiteman did a great job with the article! Veggies: Frozen, Fresh or Fried?

Staying Warm

Unfortunately, it is not warming up in Jacksonville, FL. We are cold here and I have a chihuahua that refuses to take off his sweater. So while it is cold outside, you may find yourself having trouble getting going in the morning when it comes to working out. And at the end of a long day, you may find it hard to get to the gym or change into working-out clothes (as oppose to your PJ's) for a late evening workout. Not to mention, it is easy to warm up with sugary sweet drinks (hot chocolate) or holiday drinks at Starbucks, Mcdonald's or Dunkin Donuts. Oh yeah, and then there are sweet treats like cinnamon rolls, bakery deserts and warm brownies to warm up your insides. Considering it is the off-season and really cold outside, you may be struggling when it comes to finding balance in your life. I don't believe in making excuses or telling yourself that you will start tomorrow or that all is ruined because of one "bad" choice. I have a few tricks for the cold off-sea

Last First Day!

Today was my first day of my clinical rotation. For the next 2 weeks and for 3 weeks in January, I will be spending time at a few nursing homes for my Long Term Care rotation. I haven't fully looked over my modules and assignments but I know this rotation is going to keep me extremely busy. Lots of papers, assignments, projects, etc. Oh yes, the life of a dietetic intern. I know the finish line is coming soon and I can't wait to soak up as much info as I can in the next 14 weeks. After looking at my quiz schedule for the next 4 months, I know I have some heavy-duty learning to do... Quiz 1: Diabetes Quiz 2: CVD Quiz 3: Gastrointestinal Quiz 4: Nutritional support Quiz 5: Cerebral Accidents and HIV Quiz 6: Pediatric Quiz 7: Renal Quiz 8: Liver Quiz 9: Metabolic Stress Final! Karel and I took a quick weekend trip to Washington DC this past weekend. With 3 days of no working out, we are completely exhausted. So much walking, despite a bit of metro riding. The wind was brutal and i

The Bottom Line

1 more day...Tuesday is the BIG day. I guess there is always a last first day so on Tues I will be able to officially say "This is my last first day of my dietetic internship rotation" My very last rotation starts on Tues and in 14 dietetic weeks (448 hours) ...I will be finished with my dietetic internship. OMG...this is super exciting. I think in the last few months I have had dreams were RD pops up behind my name, just behind M.S. I never thought two initials would make me feel so happy but wow, these initials are sure hard to get. So much work and I know this last rotation will not be easy but I can't wait to learn as much as I can about clinical nutrition. In 1 day I will be a clinical dietitian (in training). So, in my last issue of Nutrition Action (Dec 2010) I just loved the article on pg 7, taking an in-depth look at the latest on diet and disease. There was a quiz that helps you cut to the chase for when you just don't have time to read what the researchers