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Ironman 70.3 Raleigh Race Report (Karel)

Picture by Gin Fleming After St. George 70.3, Karel felt like his fitness was finally coming along. Karel loves racing much more than training so he hasn't been too thrilled with the fact that his next race isn't until July 1st (Ironman Austria). With the half distance being a great distance for him (he can recover quickly and race them more often), Karel decided to register for Raleigh just a few weeks ago as an opportunity to try something new..... to treat a race as training. Unlike a lower priority race that still deserves some type of "taper", Karel went into Raleigh as if it was a long Swimbikerun brick. In other words, his training didn't change much on race week. Karel put in about 14 hours of training before the half IM on Sunday but surprisingly, felt really good going into the race. By his own admission, he never feels like taper works well for him. While he knows rest and recovery is beneficial, Karel wanted to see if he could spice things up on

Sport Nutrition Product Review - Cheribundi Protein

Cherbundi Geneva, New York About the Company from the website: Per the Cheribundi website, when a former athlete discovered the benefits of tart cherries, he partnered with a research team at Cornell to study these incredible tart cherries and find out if they really were as beneficial as he thought. After a good bit of testing, research and trial, Cheribundi was born. Now, their super natural, tart cherry juice comes backed by science – and is ready to be shared with the world. They believe in the simple philosophy of keeping good things in. That’s why they’ve built their company on the powerful benefits that come from tart cherries. Some of their guiding principles include: listening to science and their customers; being clear and transparent about their benefits and beliefs; acting as partners in health; and focusing on healthy products that taste great. Recognition:  Official recovery juice of the CPDSA, Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice is proud to be one o

4 weeks until Ironman Austria!

With my mind and body in a good place, I'm itching to get on the plane to travel to Europe for our 5-week European race-cation. While I'm already getting sad about leaving Campy for over a month, I know he will be in great hands between my good friend Christie in North Carolina and my mom. This weekend concluded another big week of training which was sprinkled with some lighter sessions to rejuvenate the body and mind.  This weekend included: 21 running miles 5:20 hours riding (I was suppose to swim on Sunday afternoon but decided to go for an easy spin with my mom instead) Now you may be thinking that these are "long" workouts and you are correct. But in reality, these were my weekend totals as the training that I do is much less than most Ironman athletes in training. It's also more about specificity than quantity. I'll admit that I do have years of endurance in my body but I still believe most Ironman athletes overtrain and get way to caught up