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Cold weather triathlon racing tips

  Within every triathlon race, there are lessons to learn. I often find myself learning the most about myself during races when the conditions are not ideal.  IMFL 2007 - ~40 degrees and windy on race morning. IM 70.3 Branson 2012 - ~43 degrees on race morning. IM Lake Placid 2021 - ~50 degrees and rainy on race morning.  Andys race sprint tri 2022 - ~35 degrees on race morning.  Xterra World Championship 2022 - ~45 degrees on race morning.   I've also started triathlons in sub 60-degree cold water conditions in Prague, Molveno and St. George. Although I prefer hot conditions over cold, I've had some of my best race performances in colder, challenging conditions. Even more, I always feel proud and accomplished when I "survive" a challenging day. Every triathlon presents unique challenges but racing in cold weather can be extremely difficult (and unsafe) if you don't properly prepare.  How your body reacts in colder temperatures  Before you can prepare for how to d

2022 Hincapie Gran Fondo Greenvillle - event recap

  The Hincapie Gran Fondo Greenville is one of my favorite events. It comes late in the triathlon season so it's a fun way to finish off the year of racing. Even though I can ride the route anytime I want (it's nice only living 20 minutes away) the event is very professional, the community and volunteer support is incredible and I love the social aspect of seeing familiar faces and making new friends.  Although I don't train specifically for this event, I've been able to perform well at this event for a few reasons.  1) Triathlon training builds all around cardiomuscular endurance, strength and resiliency.  2) I do a lot of group riding throughout the year with the Supra Cycling team and the Greenville Spinners. This helps me improve my bike handling skills and confidence/safety in a group setting. Plus, everyone I ride with is very supportive and nice, which makes group riding much more fun.  3) I know the course, the tactics of the riders and where to conserve energy