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Karel's Race recap -100K cycling Classic

This past weekend was just what I needed. After an up-and-down week of recovery and having to make myself not train as much as I was use to, I really needed a bit of a break. Traveling is something that Karel and I both enjoy and if it involves cycling, we both truely enjoy being together. Because we know each other pretty well and we never fight the long road trip to and from Atlanta was smooth and easy. After checking out of the Days Inn we headed to the Cumberland Mall to kill a little time before heading to the Doubletree. With a quick stop at Starbucks we were on our way to our next hotel. Without getting into too many details, we were both so bummed when we saw that the Doubletree was under construction as they were renovating!! There was no way that we could stay in a hotel with paint fumes in the air and loud noises while Karel rested so I made a call to After almost an hour on the phone talking with a very helpful Customer Service rep, we ended up changing hotels a

Recovery Week

A little swimming, a little running and very little cycling. That pretty much sums up my week. Only road on wednesday afternoon (about 25 miles) on the road bike and saturday morning w/ the Gearlink Group (66 miles). No two-a-days on Tuesday and Thursday like usual and swam Tues, thurs and friday. No brick workouts, around 22 miles running as of today and I'm feeling really refreshed. The first couple days this week were great but as the week went on, I got a little ancy and i felt like I needed to do more. Actually, not that I needed to do more, but that I wanted to do more. I was glad to be on seduza for the 3 1/2 hours on saturday morning but friday was tough. I planned on doing a long bike ride on Friday but because of the rain (which has been on and off all week!) I went to the Y and did a nice 4000 yard workout. Main set was tough but I was feeling good. I feel like the body is healed from my big volume weeks of training and more than anything, my mind is refreshed and I'