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DTWM - Body Image

Being yourself is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself. Ultimate happiness resides in being you. Authentically you.  Have confidence in yourself as a person, not a size. Don’t let your look keep you from doing things that you enjoy. Let your individuality shine. Be your body’s ally, not its enemy. Live in the pursuit of authenticity.  Appreciate your inner being, soul and spirit. You are a biological masterpiece.                               Body image is subjective. There are so many different ways to define it. Although the idea of the ideal body image has radically changed throughout history, many are constantly navigating life with the assumption that “ideal” means: smooth, symmetrical, clean, thin, lean, delicate and young. Having a positive body image doesn’t mean that you don't care about your body composition or appearance. The problem occurs when you attempt an extreme style of eating or training in order to look “normal.” I give you permission to reject b

DTWM - Patience, it's ok, keeping showing up

DTWM - It's ok to be ok There’s no denying that life during this pandemic has been distressing. Everyone is feeling an emotional burden and each of us are having a different pandemic experience. At the devastating end of the spectrum are the tragic losses: loss of life, loss of loved ones, loss of job and loss of mental and physical health. There's also the loss of normal rituals and routines. We lost the predictability that we often took for granted. This is a frustrating time of uncertainty. Acknowledging the reality of our unpredictable situation, we must not demand that all circumstances should be favorable in order to be happy. There are plenty of reasons to struggle with our "new normal" but there are always bright spots in dark times. While it's "ok not to be ok," it's also "ok to be ok.” See the good. Be grateful. Celebrate. Spreading joy during sad times doesn't make you a bad person. The ability to feel multiple emotions is the res

Deep Thoughts with Marni

Do you remember the SNL segment "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey"?  Everytime I begin to write down my thoughts with pen and paper, I laugh to myself as I think about that sketch. As I type out my passionate words on social media, I can't help but laugh and think "Deep Thoughts by Marni."  I am a deep thinker. I can easily get lost in my own thoughts and the only way for me to sort things out is through writing. I am very nostalgic and I love to learn. I consider myself to be open-minded and I often look at things from multiple perspectives.  With so many ideas and thoughts circulating through my mind, exercise (or training) is the place where I have the freedom to explore and sort through my thoughts. Many times I'll start a workout with an anxious and racing mind and I'll finish the workout feeling calm and confident. Sometimes I'll have a brillant idea before a workout and then come to my senses when the workout is complete. On the other hand, many