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Race for Humanity - Day #1

What a drive last night. Our 3 1/2 hour drive turned into a miserable 6 hours. We sat on I-75 south for a little over 2 hours. We estimated it took about 45 min. to .5 miles and in the 2 hours we scooted down the interstate, we covered a little under 2 miles. Campy and I got so bored just sitting in the car that we got out and walked along the grass on the interstate. Karel and I were tempted to just pull over and ride our bikes the 20 miles to our exit but we toughed it out. Finally, at 11pm, we arrived to my parents. Ughhh, so tired. At 7am we woke up to wind and cold outside. Although the temperature read 40-degrees, it was a lot chillier with the wind and no sun. After my morning workout, I quickly showered, prepared my breakfast and we headed out at 11am for San Antonio Florida. Campy was super excited to go somewhere new and I knew he would love the open field at the San Antonio Road Race. An hour later, we arrived to the race. After he picked up his number, Karel bundled himself

Breakfast - recovery smoothie and apple-nut pancakes

I wouldn't consider myself "Fashion Forward". I won't even bring up an example of me shopping for clothes because I can't even remember the last time I bought an outfit, let alone something nice to wear. Perhaps a possible acceptance to the VA dietetic internship is the perfect reason for me to use a bit of our disposable income to buy some cute clothes for myself :) I guess for the past 2-3 years, my priorities have been on school which means $$$$$ on books and tuition. When it comes to the sport of triathlons, I absolutely keep myself updated on the latest supplements, nutrition products and training philosophy's. However, if you asked me what group set, shifters and rear derailleur I have on my bike, I'd probably have to ask Karel. I'm not the type of person who desires the latest and greatest accessories for my sport. I do love a good pair of running shoes (Mizuno's) and goggles (speedo) but when it comes to NEW items in the triathlon-world, I

Could it be?

Karel and I always wondered where Campy came from. Where is the mommy and daddy of this chihuahua-Italian greyhound mix and does he have any brothers or sisters? First off, who could ever want to abandon a dog with a face like this? Hey where'd you go? We got Campy about 1 1/2 years ago (I can't believe that's it...I feel like we've been BFF's forever) from a foster family in Amelia Island who had found him behind a building/warehouse. Thank goodness that "Sparkey's" foster mommy trusted me enough and allowed me to be the mommy for Sparkey-now known as Campy. What a little blessing in our life. He makes me a better person every day and most of all, I wake up every morning, with Campy, looking forward to another lottery-winning day. We've seen a lot of look-a-like chihuahua's but never a match to Campy. I think it is his long legs that give him a distinctive look. People always ask "What kind of mix is he?" Campy and I had a cold walk/

All-Natural vegetarian dinner

I'm getting really tired of reading ingredients. I can never tell what is the "healthiest" option and I'm just exhausted trying to shop for my daily meals and snacks. Plus, I just don't have time to go through 100 cereals and 50 bars to decide what are my healthiest options. Does this sound like something you would say? I don't know about you, but I am also tired of reading ingredients. I would say that Karel and my diet is probably 80% natural foods (less than 5 ingredients), 15% canned, frozen or refrigerated "extras/condiments" and 5% "pantry" foods. I really worry about the state of our nation. I think the #1 reason why people fear changing dietary habits is "giving up my favorite foods". When I think "favorite" foods, I am assuming that people aren't worrying about giving up foods found along the perimeter of the grocery store like carrots, milk and apples. If a lot of your diet is comprised of processed foods,

Anytime Carrot Cake

Campy LOVES carrots!! As for me, a bowl of baby carrots with a side of hummus, an ounce of block cheese or salsa is just what I crave when I need a crunchy afternoon snack. When I first became a vegetarian my diet was lacking in key nutrients. Specifically, fruits and veggies. If you count a bowl of iceberg lettuce w/ ranch dressing as a "nutritious" salad, than I guess I was healthy. Oh, but if you count a box of "vegetarian" bagel bites alongside 1/2 box of cheeze-its, I probably wasn't the healthiest vegetarian. However, I was a 12-year old competitive swimmer and piano player and new nothing about what it meant to be healthy. I went to see doctor when I was in middle school because my skin was incredibly dry, especially around my elbows, I got really bad razor burn every time I shaved and my nails were really brittle. Let's just say I was having a hard time as a self-conscious teenager. The doctor told me that I could have a vitamin A deficiency and that