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We are so excited about our slightly new design in the 2016 Trimarni Canari custom kits. New this year are longer tri tops with a very comfortable fit (and a flap on the pockets) alongside new tri shorts with a very comfortable waist band and pockets! The Trimarni store will be closing on 3/6/16 so be sure to place your order soon to sport and support Trimarni in training and on race day. We have the following items in our store in Pink (female sizing only), Green and Orange (female or male sizing). Our kit items come in a range of sizes (XS-2XL) to fit your amazing body in motion. ORDER HERE Triathlon clothing Tri top Tri shorts Tri suit - shortsleeve and sleeveless Cycling clothing Cycling jersey - short sleeve Cycling jersey - long sleeve Vest - winter and wind Arm warmers Leg warmers Running Run top (with pockets) Extra T-shirt - black or pink (pink - female fit) ORDER HERE This is our 4th year using Canari for our custom Tr

The point of diminishing returns - part III

Train smarter At the most basic level, performance gains occur when the body adapts favorable to a training stressor. Strength training, plyometrics, intervals, easy efforts, tempo or long workouts....there are many ways to stress the body. You may be awesome at squeezing in or completing your workouts but don't forget that an overly stressed body when NOT training does not handle training stress very well. Every training stimulus that you place on your body should be sport specific. This makes sense, right? You wouldn't sign-up for tennis lessons hoping to be a better swimmer? With every week of training, there should be smooth progression. The training should not be rushed and steps shouldn't be skipped. If you were not able to get in your 2 scheduled runs during the week, what makes you think that your body can handle a long run on the weekend? If you are not performing specific heavy gear, high cadence or high intensity intervals on the bike, what makes you think

The point of diminishing returns: Part II

                               Sports are not for everyone, especially endurance sports. Successful age-group, elite or professional athletes and those who seek or crave endurance training carry specific traits and characteristics that are found in highly ambitious individuals. If this speaks loudly to you, ironically, the same traits that help you stay dedicated, committed, consistent and goal-focused in your sport may also help you function at a high capacity in life, with your career, relationships and family. As every endurance athlete and coach understands, there is a specific type of training stress that needs to be applied on the body to encourage physiological changes to improve athletic performance. As a coach with a background in exercise physiology, I can't stress how important it is to place repeated stress on the body in the form of specific workout frequency, intensity and duration at the appropriate times and phases throughout the season in order to

The point of diminishing returns - part I

Training for an event can be very rewarding. Considering that you have to exercise to train yourself for an event, preparing for a race can actually be a healthy way to de-stress and to keep the body in good health.  But when the body becomes overly stressed from training OR an overly stressed body tries to adapt to consistent training stress, there is a point of diminishing returns when an active lifestyle becomes unhealthy. Much of our society has an obsession with productivity. To-do lists are never ending and there is always something to do to keep busy. Yet athletes still find 10-20+ hours to train, despite already living a very busy lifestyle. Sadly, an overworked, always on the go, constantly connected, squeezing everything in athlete can become so accustomed to living a busy lifestyle that healthy habits become expendable all in an effort to get in a workout. As an athlete, healthy lifestyle habits can enhance training. Whereas you may think that you have to get in