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Coconut tumeric stir-fry with golden potatoes and tofu

Coconut tumeric stir-fry with  golden potatoes and tofu Ingredients to serve 2  1 medium golden potato (cubed) 1 package firm tofu (cubed) 1 bag Asian style veggies (Frozen) - if you have extra time, let them de-thaw in 'fridge or counter top for at least 30 minutes, until soft. Tumeric 1/2 - 1 cup coconut milk Peanuts Olive oil (Want leftovers? Double up this recipe!) 1. In large skillet, (or wok) heat to medium and add a little olive oil and cook tofu until slightly brown on the sides. Toss every 2-3 minutes for even cooking. 2. While tofu is cooking for 5-8 minutes, place cubed golden potato in microwave and cook for 3-4 minutes or until soft (you may also boil or oven-bake your potato until soft). Keep skin on for more nutritional value.  3. Add potato to tofu in skillet/wok and add 1/2 cup coconut milk and 2-3 tsp of tumeric.  4. Add frozen veggies to your skill and stir until veggies are lightly tossed in coconut milk.  5. Cook for 20-25 minutes until veg

Everything you need to know about rice and grains

Whole grains are the entire seed of a plant. Rice is a seed of a plant. The seed of a plant is made up of three edible parts - the bran, the germ and the endosperm. The endosperm is protected by an inedible husk that protects the kernel from natural killers - like sunlight, pests, water and diseases. After the rice is harvested, the inedible husk (endorsperm) is removed, which results in a whole grain rice kernel. Now the rice (or grain) is ready to eat. Through processing (milling), the bran and germ can be removed from the rice (or grain) results in white rice. Without the bran and the germ, about 25% of the grain's protein is lost along with at least 17 key nutrients, according to the Whole Grain Council.   However, if a processor chooses to enrich a refined grain, some vitamins and minerals will be added back to give the grain valuable nutrients. There are many advantages of having/consuming fortified foods as they are beneficial in filling in gaps for possible nutrient

Fuel smart on the bike - Easy sport nutrition tips

In case you missed it, check out my previous two blogs discussing: Cycling nutrition: keep is simple Debunk the myth: Do you need sport nutrition? EASY FUELING TIPS HYDRATION For triathletes, I recommend 1 water bottle cage for every  hour of training, up to 4 cages. Your hydration set-up should be on your bike at all times but certainly this will come in handy for your longer rides. If your bike does not hold 4 cages, you can alter the set-up with a bottle on your aero bars, two rear cages, set up an additional hydration system (ex. bladder if built in on the bike) or have, at minimum, 3 cages and plan to stop in training after 3 hours. I have 4 cages on my bike (2 in the frame, 2 in the rear) and I am very comfortable grabbing the rear bottles and moving around bottles as I am riding. As you can see from Karel's picture below that he has his bottle on his aerobars with computer attached on top of the cage. He only has three cages on his bike.  GELS Rather t

Debunk the myth - Do you need sport nutrition?

source Remember the time when women were afraid to lift heavy weights for the fear that Schwarzenegger-like muscles would start popping up on the arms, legs and back?  Well, we all know that women (just like men) need to strength train and for any endurance athlete who is not strength training, it's time to get with the current research that functional strength progressing to dynamic strength training, can improve power, lean muscle mass and help the muscles resist fatigue all to improve endurance "cardio" performance. Strength training is also essential for every-day individuals to buildstrong bones and reduce the risk for fractures at an older age.  Fitness and nutrition myths are debunked all the time and I'd like to make sure that you are not holding yourself back in your athletic performance by not fueling adequately on the bike. In recent times, there is a growing (yet still relatively small) number of athletes who are anti-sport nut

Cycling nutrition - keep it simple

  If I had to describe Greenville cycling in one sentence it would read "Beautiful, hilly, hard, bumpy, nature, country, farms, bike-friendly." We absolutely love our cycling playground but easy riding doesn't get mentioned much, outside of the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  (SRT). From downtown (where we live), you can find a side-road or jump on the SRT and in 6 miles you reach the first mountain, Paris Mountain, which sits right next to  Paris Mountain State Park.  (where Karel does his Mountain Biking). In about 7 miles, you are out on some of the most beautiful country roads, with hardly a car in sight. The roads are not always paved well so  a smooth ride is always a treat when you can find one. Turn after turn, hill after hill, every ride requires concentration and focus and strong legs and a strong heart...and a very well-fueled body.  The endless farm-like and nature-views that extend for miles make Greenville, SC absolutely magically for riding. A typical