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Effects of fluid intake and dehydration on physiology and performance

🧂More sodium isn't the solution to your struggles in the heat and humidity. Around this time of the year, I often receive many emails from athletes struggling with sport nutrition while training/performing in the heat and humidity. With good reason, dehydration is a major contributor to health, performance and GI issues. As a result, many athletes believe that they need to consume more sodium during exercise. While sodium is important, high heat and humidity lead to two major problems in the exercising body: 1) increased core body temperature and 2) dehydration Interestingly, the athletes struggling the most (ex. vomiting, cramping, stomach pains, nausea) are already consuming a lot of sodium!   For those who constantly obsess over sodium, it's important to understand the basics of sweat: 💦You do not lose salt without fluid. 💦Sweat is hypotonic (water loss is greater than solute loss). 💦To effectively rehydrate during exercise, you need sodium and carbs to help with the abs

Why we fell in love with Bend, Oregon

We just returned from a week-trip to Bend, Oregon. We followed that up with a few days in Salem to support our athletes at Oregon 70.3. Oregon is known for an outdoorsy lifestyle and we witness this first-hand during our recent trip to Bend. As it relates to living an active lifestyle, one thing was evident – the way in which communities and streets are designed. How many times do you commute, run an errand or go somewhere that is less than 5 miles away? How many times do you drive a few miles in order to start a workout? How often do you ride a bike, other than for exercise? There’s a good chance that you will say that it’s not safe to ride a bike where you live or to where you need to go. In many states, the prevalence of physical activity is higher in places where there is little to no access to safe or convenient places to be active – like community parks, sidewalks or trails. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease and Control), common barriers to physical activity include lack