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North Carolina

Karel and I got into NC late last night. It was a long drive but it went by fast. Karel has been in jacksonville for the last 2 weeks so I had to make a trip to see him as soon as my finals were over. I was so Karel-deprived. It is nice when you have a best friend as a fiance. I truely do enjoy my time with him. Ok, blah blah, sappy sappy. I know...I'm in love :) Alright, I'll talk training. So I get to JAX on thurs afternoon and Karel was super tired from getting back from SC at 2 in the morning on thursday. We went to bed super early cause I was exhausted from my am training and the ride up to JAX. We stayed at a friends house so it was nice to sleep in a real bed after a 4 hour drive. Friday morning we slept in until 6:30am and after the morning coffe we went for a spin. It has been months since karel and I have ridden together and it was really enjoyable. He had to do a couple 90-second pick-ups to warm-up his legs but other than that, we rode together the whole time. 22 mi


All I have to do is train. School is over and I have no more stressful days of studying for exams or busy days of sitting in class, in between studying, training and working on nutrition and coaching. All is done and the grades are in...the hard work paid off!!! A-Global Marketing A-Medical Terminology B-Biology B-Biology lab I will take a 3.5 gpa. Looking forward to my dietetic school that starts on 5/20. But I'm sure there will be more stressful and busy days but the information will be so informative, applicable and useful with everything I want to do in life. I celebrated my first day of no more school (Thursday) with a great workout. I swam with the masters team at the Palm Harbor and it was another tought morning. 200 SKPS (200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull, 200 swim). Then 10 x 50's catch up drill. Main set: 10 x 100's on 2 minutes. Not too bad of a cycle but the set was all pull. Even more painful on the lats, the set went 25 free, 25 back, 25 free, 25 breastroke. I was

Last day!!!

I thought this pic was cute so I had to post it. Seriously, Smudla covered her eyes as soon as I pulled out the camera. Too cute! I don't blame her for being tired, we've pulled some late nights studying until 10pm. This morning I had my great spin class to pump me up and start my day. I had a great CD of up-beat Woodstock music. We did our typical sprint set, jump set and hill set. The 45-minute class went by fast and boy were we pooped! Tough stuff at 5:30am in the morning..but luckily, I have a packed class with lots of energy. Then to the treadmills. 4.5 miles and a few intervals to keep me from being bored. After about 20 minutes of playing with the speed from 7.3mph to 8mph I did 5 min at 7.5, 4 min. at 7.8mph, 3 min. at 7.6, 2 min. at 8mph and 1 min. at 7.5mph. 40 minutes of running and a bit of walking and I was ready for some core. I did some back and front core exercises on the ball since it is very important to strengthen both the front and the back to have a strong

Interval Tuesday!!!!!

There's no more playing around here. Time to get into serious training mode. Disney 70.3 is in 19 days and it's all about breaking 5 hours. Good eating, enough sleep, no stress after wed..I must focus on this race. Well, in addition to the 50-million other things I am doing to keep me busy, I'm really amazed of how well I have improved with my training since Kona. Actually, I'm mostly impressed on how I actually healed myself and kept sane while I was painfully walking, slowly running at 6.4mph and then somewhat biking from November until January. But....all is good and here we go. Time for interval Tuesday! 4:43am time to get up. Coffee, check email, out the door. 5:30am in the water. With a final last night (100% on my global marketing final...wahoo!! Those grades don't come in my biology class, unfortunately :( ) and no finals today (2 tomorrow) I decided to join my early morning swimmers at the Palm Harbor Y. About 20 or so people and wow, did i miss swimming wi

Highlights from St.A's

Although I did not race this year (still proud of my goal of beating 1 person in the Elite division last year!) I was a proud spectator. I cheered, I covered the course and I got in around an hour of running (only about 40 min. of it continous with my friend Angie). Here are some of my highlights... Being at St.A's and not having to study! Watching the Pro Men Start Watching the Pro Women Start Seeing Scott Risgby Enjoying beautiful St.Pete and not being inside studying! Seeing my Friends family...too cute! Seeing all the bikes! It never ends!!!! First Pro...Matt Reed Here comes Andy Potts Soon after...there goes Greg Bennett Taking a pic with Laura Bennett!!!!! Running the run course and seeing Bree! Watching everyone finish


Karel was honored to race in one of the biggest, fastest and most exciting races in the nation last night. Watch the video (no sound) Twilight Crit 2008 Video The race started around 8:45pm and totalled 80K, on a 1K course. Approximately 2 hours of races. The announcer called up the "top" riders and after about 80 people gathered to the line, then came everyone else. Karel didn't even know where the starting was when the race started. As the biggest race of the year...Karel did not finish. Karel's teammates did not finish. And out of 150 starters, around 40 people finished. The average speed was around 35-37 mph and there were a lot of crashes. BUT....all is good. Karel said that he couldn't believe he was racing the athens twilight crit! He had his gearlink buddies cheering him on and he said the crowd was unreal. They had two dj's playing techno and getting everyone hyped up and the announcer was doing a great job of letting everyone know what was going on i