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Xtreme Triathlon - the day after

The night after the event was a bit restless - as to be expected. We woke up exhausted and sore. We couldn't help but think how incredible the mind is when it comes to showing up to perform. It was as if the mind knew we had completed the 3-day event and it could finally rest. With the mind at rest, the body was able to also shut down and start the recovery process. The human body is truly amazing.  After enjoying a hearty dinner a few hours after the event (Moe's - we both ordered the Close Talker bowl with lettuce, rice and beans, topped with tofu and all of the other veggie toppings, avocado and cheese). It's not uncommon for athletes to crave salt and fat after a long distance event for the body is depleted. The brain knows that the body is in a very vulnerable state so it seeks (or asks) for the most energy dense options to help restore health. Of course, with the body being in such an exhausted state, digestion is slow and compromised. There have been plenty of Ironma

Xtreme Triathlon race recap - stage 3

  All things relative, we slept much better after stage 2. It was nice knowing that we didn't have to drive to the start of stage 3 - the finish of stage 2, lodging and start of stage 3 was all in the same area. We "slept in" until 5:30am and made our way to the swim start around 6:45am. Because we were so exhausted after stage 2 (93 miles of racing) that we didn't prepare as much as we should have after the race so we felt a bit more scattered and busy on the morning of stage 3. Al was a huge help as he packed up the car for us so that we could have a little more time to get ourselves ready in the morning.  I failed to mention that going into the race, there was a chance that the event was going to be cancelled (or modified) due to hurricane Eta. Thankfully, the hurricane changed direction but it did leave Crystal River, FL (stage 1) with a bit of debris on the road (and trails). The weather could not have been more perfect during our event (no rain and in the upper

Xtreme Triathlon Race Recap - Stage 2

  We didn't have much trouble falling asleep around 8:30pm. However, staying asleep was the hard part. It was a light night of sleeping before the alarm woke us up at 4:50am. Without feeling too sore, I was looking forward to stage 2 as another opportunity to explore my physical and mental capabilities. However, the tiredness in my body reminded me that I did just finish a 8 hour and 50 minute triathlon event less than 13 hours ago.  I woke up feeling relatively good compared to Karel. He felt horrible. He barely slept and felt nauseous, sleep deprived and exhausted. He still made himself eat his pre-race meal but he just felt off.  To be honest, the swimming, biking and running was the fun part of this event. The packing, unpacking and planning ahead was the tough part. When the race started each stage, it felt so good to just move my body and do what I love to do. The packing/unpacking/prepping bottles/nutrition sometimes felt more exhausting in the evening after the event and in