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Athlete's Plate

I want to give a big thanks to Jason for 1) creating a wonderful blog with an amazing concept and 2) for giving me the opportunity to post a few of my yummy creations. Check out his Athlete's plate....perhaps you will feel inspired to plan a healthy daily diet for yourself. All it takes in a little planning for a few weeks and before you know it, you will be listening to your body and knowing exactly what it is (or close to it) that you need to fuel for your workout routine as well as the rest of your life. Athlete's Plate

Making changes

I can't believe I have only 1 week left in my food service rotation! Wow...time is flying by! When I am finished with this rotation (as well as taking my final) I will ONLY have 1 more rotation to go plus 4 weeks of Staff Relief (I play "dietitian" for my last 4 weeks!!). I am really excited for my clinical rotation (7 weeks long term care and 7 weeks acute care) and all of the information that I will learn. This internship has been extremely time consuming but it will all be worth it. I can't wait til I see the RD behind my name (right next to the MS for my master degree in Exercise Physiology) and I know I will be grateful that I earned those credentials through a lot of hard work and intensive education. When I was studying for my final today, I came across an interesting page in the food service domain (the material for my final exam helps me prepare for the national Registered Dietitian exam). The topic was on Additives and the functions associated with those add

Colorful dinner - Creations

Recently Karel and I purchased Road ID's. I got a pink one and Karel got a yellow one. Not sure why it took me so long to get a new Road ID w/ recent info but I highly recommend getting one. Since both Karel and I often train alone, it is really important that we both have some type of ID on our body in the case of an emergency. There are no guarantee's in life and I know that we both bargain with life every time we ride our bikes around Jacksonville. There is a discount right now (what a bummer that we ordered ours a week ago!) for 15% off! I recommend taking advantage of it! This would be a perfect gift for a friend, training partner/teammate, loved one or for yourself. A big THANKS to my mom and dad for purchasing one for both Karel and for myself!! They know how much we love training but you can never be too careful. Road ID 15% Discount When I was at my parents for a little R and R, I made some super yummy meals. It doesn't hurt that the parents have a member

Milk Scams

In the October 2010 issue of Nutrition Action I couldn't help but quickly turn to page nine. I guess the title "The Latest Scams" caught my eye. You know how passionate I am about wholesome food with little to no ingredients and that we should build our diets off a plant-based foods. I am certainly not against processed foods and I would be a hypocrite if I said I don't buy, have or eat processed food. However, the bulk of my meals are made from foods straight from the earth (or with very little processing). More than anything, I am 100% over food claims and fancy marketing especially when a company tells me that a processed food is a must in my diet for x-reason(s). Since my last post was on milk, I wanted to share two of several food scams that were featured in the article. Almond Non-Milk There's a new milk in your dairy case. And it sounds perfect. Silk Original Pure Almond milk has "60 calories per serving" is "rich in antioxidants" and i


As a vegetarian endurance athlete, I am always searching for ways of bumping up my protein. I feel really comfortable with my choices of protein in my diet and depending on the day, I'd say that all 3 of my main meals have some type of vegetarian protein, high in amino acids. I am a big fan of milk. Right now, Karel and I consume a gallon of skim milk every 6-7 days. We both drink at least a cup a day and some days being more depending on the workout for the day (high intensity workouts call for milk or whey protein to quickly repair damaged tissues) or if milk is in the meal (ex. mashed potatoes, eggs, french toast, oatmeal, smoothie, etc.). I would prefer to buy organic milk so whenever there is a deal at the grocery store (I like to shop around) I will buy organic milk instead of skim milk. I do believe that organic milk is a better choice (in terms of nutrition) than skim milk but for the time being, I regularly buy skim milk because it fits into our budget. Aside from the prot

Life on Wheels

With 7 more interning days left in my food service rotation, I was in need of a little break. The next 2 weeks will be really time-consuming so it was best that I got away to tackle my to-do's. Thankfully, my parents are less than 4 hours away and for me, that is a jump and skip away...or a 200 mile bike ride :) Karel and I always enjoy time at my parents. We love our friends in the Tampa bay area and if it weren't for the Gearlink cycling team, Karel and I would not have met. They really are family. I couldn't wait to watch the 70.3 World Championships. The turn around on the bike was just 7 miles from my parents house. I have only missed 1 world championships as a spectator so it is kinda tradition that I watch the race for the last year in Clearwater. Karel decided to ride with the Gearlink group on sat morning so me and my road bike made our way down to Clearwater while watching the pro's on the bike course. How cool!!! Despite racing in plenty of Ironman and 70.3 r