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Hardest swim workouts of my life + gymnast spotlight

This past week welcomed a flood of memories as I was staying in the same hotel as a large group of Swimmers for long course nationals. Oh the memories...... Crushing on the boys in speedos Decorating posters for hotel door rooms Smelling like chlorine for days and days Eating, sleeping and swimming....several times throughout the day And just loving the sport of swimming From around 11 years of age until my Senior year of college at Transylvania University (2004), I swam competitively. Despite 11 years of competitive swimming, 8 years later I have been getting in the water 2-3 days a week (although, much less yardage) for my triathlon lifestyle.  What's so neat about triathlons is that it welcomes a new crowd to competitive sports. Perhaps individuals who did not do sports in HS or College or consider themselves "active" for much of their adult years. I know individuals who are in their 50's and starting to learn the skills of triathlon training and then th

What have I been doing?

What have I been doing?? I realize I have no obligations to my blog as to how much I blog or how often. But, I feel so incomplete when I don’t “journal” at least once every 2 days. If it was up to me and more free time, I would blog several times a day since blogging is so relieving to me. For if I couldn’t write (blogs, articles, plan for talks), I think my head would explode with information that I want to share with others. But, because life requires balance, sometimes the blog is the only thing on my mind but the thing that must go when I try to make the most of every day. So, why the lack of blogging? Article deadlines. I am so thrilled to see my next two column articles published on Lava Magazine online and I think you will enjoy both articles as they both include yummy creations but also some great information that is relevant and applicable. My Lava article is on Zinc and I look forward to your reaction or thoughts as to the approach I took to disc

Whewww. What a weekend

I remember a while back when I use to think of the week as 5 days + 2 days. It was easy to look forward to the weekend, whether it was to train, relax, eat..whatever. But one thing I've learned over the years is that a week that becomes chunky, is simply a rushed week. Life rushes by super quickly and I find it important to enjoy every day you are given. Your life, your actions, your results. Since Thurs (or late Wed evening), Karel has been enjoying himself in the mountains of North Carolina with a few of his friends. Yep - he left me and Campy at home and from the looks of it, he is really roughin' it :) But not to worry - Campy got in some quality training and a little vitamin D as I stretched outside...sporting my new Oakley Women Changoever shades Saturday morning was an early start with a 3 mile run. A little change to the normal bike + run, Karel had me running first and right after, getting on my bike for some tempo intervals. It was an akward