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Karel's race report

I ended up staying home this weekend because of mid-terms next week. There is nothing I'd rather do than watching a cycling race or triathlon and since I am sitting around studying for two days for this school stuff!! I did get in a great 54 mile ride this morning on seduza..first time I rode her since Kona and she felt great!!! It was super windy today and it rained as soon as I got home. It was a rough ride, even on my sexy bike. Last night Karel didn't come home until 9pm. His new fork (which arrived on thurs this week) was squeeky on his fri. morning ride. He needed to get a part from a friend in order to make it stop squeeking and then he had to cut the part to make it fit on his bike (sorry for my lack of stuff, not my area of expertise). Karel can figure out everything with bikes but I am sure he didn't want to feel so pressured so last minute. This morning Karel was up at 5am and he left at 6:30. Off to orlando for the weekend. So I was

Busy...but productive

A few pics from this past weekend. The day started at 6:00 am. I woke up to Karel putting on his HR monitor and by the time I poured myself a cup of coffee he was out the door for his warm-up ride w/ several standing starts. I was on my bike at 6:30am for a 1:45 ride. I didn't see Karel so I think we went opposite directions. I felt really good on my road bike and the time just passed before I was at my turn around point. My speed sensor wasn't working so my speed ranged from 8mph to 22 mph and I came home from my hour and 45 min. ride with 13 miles...hum, I don't think that is right. Karel said he would get that fixed for me, probably my battery or sensor. After the ride I did a few sets of ab exercises on my stability ball (which is also used as my chair for my computer..I recommend sitting on a stability ball rather than a chair). I hoped in the shower, cleaned myself up and grabbed a yogurt, glass of milk and some nuts. Not my real breakfast but enough to get me through

Pursuing my dreams is wearing me out!

Is this pic just too cute!! I love it! ok, now for the complaining...What a week this has been!!! I am not sure how I can keep this all up (being so busy) but knowing that continuing education will be "worth it" I think I can hang on for 1 more year. I think I should be finished with the dietetic school by the end of next summer. Afterwards I will do an internship (6 months - 1 year, hopefully 6 months) which is very competitive (I need to apply prior to next summer!). THEN....I take the RD exam and THEN...I can call myself a registered dietitian. I also would like to become licensed and board certified but that will come with time. I just want that RD behind my name. Let me practice Marni Rakes, MS, RD...oh it looks so good! This week was really tough. I had 4 exams! Mon morning and evening I had an exam (Bio in the morning, global marketing in the evening) and on tues and wed I had a quiz (tues, bio lab and wed, med. terminology). OF course with Karel's race last weeken

What a weekend...

Well, the weekend was filled with plenty of emotions. As I had mentioned, Karel was ready for this weekend. With the San Antonio 85 mile road race on Sat and the 80 min + 5 lap Criterium on Sun in Dade City, Karel was anxious to see if his hard training is paying off. Obviously it is too soon to peak but he was ready to pull out at least a top 10 finish in Pro 1,2 in order to get points to help him upgrade to Category (Pro) 1 as soon as possible. I had a hard 48 mile ride in the wind and I was pretty spent when Karel and I headed to San Antonio. However, once I was in the car with Karel I was ready to support him for his race. And when it comes to Karel's races, there isn't much talking prior to the race. Karel is in his zone just like I get into my zone. I can get pretty touchy prior to a big race but I am usually willing to give plenty of smiles and thumbs up. Karel stays calm but you can sense nervousness. I don't know if any of my blog readers have been to a cycling rac