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Busting 6 eating disorder myths

“The goal of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is to shine the spotlight on eating disorders by educating the public, spreading a message of hope, and putting lifesaving resources into the hands of those in need.” According to the the Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness , 29 million Americans will experience a clinically significant eating disorder during their lifetime. Yet, only one-third of people with eating disorders will ever receive treatment. Eating Disorders Awareness Week was developed to reduce the stigma, raise awareness and provide better access to support for those suffering from an eating disorder. In a field where marginalized communities continue to be underrepresented, it's important to welcome conversations on raising awareness, challenging systemic biases, and sharing stories from all backgrounds and experiences ( NEDA ). If you or a loved one is currently struggling with an eating disorder, it’s important to know that you are not alone. Know that a li

2021 Thomasville Clay Road Classic - 104-miles of mud, clay, water and sand.

  **If you'd like to skip the race recap and view a video from the event, JOM from The Gravel Cyclist  did a great video recap from the event. Scroll to the bottom to see the footage.** Around 12pm Thursday, we left for our 6-hour drive down south to Thomasville GA. It was a rainy day for a long road trip but it’s been several months since we had a true “race-cation” road trip so it was somewhat enjoyable to know that we were traveling for an actual event.  We made good time and arrived to our Airbnb shortly just after 6pm. I was happy to have booked an affordably priced 2-bedroom house just a 1/2 -mile from the race venue but I had no idea how cute of a house we would be staying in. The house had historic bone-structure with a few recent updates. It was one of the best Airbnb stays that I’ve booked, which made for a super comfortable stay. After a good night sleep on Thursday, we took our time on Friday morning to catch up on work and emails. We ventured outside around 11am to r