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Hello from Chattanooga (again)!

Here we are again, back in Chattanooga! As we were driving into town on Tues evening, my stomach felt a little funny as it felt strange to return to the place where my fainting setback left me with a smashed face and an unfulfilled feeling for my last race of the season. But I didn't let this feeling get to me because I returned back to Chattanooga with Karel with excitement and gratitude for another race opportunity by my body. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I have emotionally moved on from my recent DNS at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship but physically, a big part of me feels like I have some unfinished business here in Chattanooga. Knowing that stuff happens and we can't control the future, the only way that I could move on from my last race experience was to make sure that my next racing decision was not for anyone else but myself.  I wanted to do a race that made me happy. After giving my next race a lot of thought, I couldn't be more excited to turn m

2018 Trimarni Coaching Application is NOW OPEN!

Do you relate to our mission, vision and core values? If yes, we would love to work with you!  Here's your chance to be part of the 2018 Trimarni Coaching Team!!                                  The 2018 Trimarni Coaching application will remain open from September 20th until October 4th. To be part of the Trimarni team as a one-on-one athlete, you must apply during this time. To learn more about our 2018 Trimarni coaching, visit our coaching page HERE. Click this link to apply:  2018 Coaching Application

11 Tips For Spectathletes

If you have a friend/spouse/significant other who is an athlete, there's a good chance that you have spent a weekend or two at a race, waking up early to cheer, stand on your feet, take pictures, carry around stuff for your athlete and eventually, finding yourself exhausting by the end of the event. Rain, heat, wind or shine, you have been there from start to finish and you know that spectating is hard work! Although spectating makes for a long and tiring day, there's no better way to make memories and celebrate an accomplishment with someone who is close to you. Additionally, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals or being around inspiring athletes can be very motivating. Although spectators don't receive medals, it's the spectators that help athletes get through the race (and make racing so much fun). In thinking back to all eleven of my Ironman events, it was the spectators and volunteers who kept me going during the low, dark times when I didn't

When life gives you a detour

On Saturday morning, before heading out for a 3.5 hour brick workout with Karel and Thomas, I came across a quote that spoke loudly to me. It read, " Good things fall apart so that better things can fall together."  I think any athlete would agree that sports can be so exciting and fulfilling and also cruel and disappointing. But it's through the setbacks and failures that we develop a stronger and better appreciation for when things go well. Although the sadness of not competing in the Ironman 70.3 World Championship hit me hard for a few days, my mind was ready to move on once the cuts and bruises on my face finally healed. Setbacks are normal and I believe that you can only gain experience, wisdom and gratitude by going through the hard times. Tough times make you stronger! If you have recently experienced a setback in your athletic journey, I give you permission to be upset, frustrated and disappointed. Negative emotions are normal but make sure to not to bla