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Athlete Spotlight: Katja Reed Lackey - Art teacher conquering fears and chasing goals - always with a smile.

Name :  Katja Reed Lackey Age:  50 City/State:  Dover, Delaware Primary sport : Triathlon How many years in the sport: 6 years, m y first Tri was June 2011, almost 6 years What Trimarni services have you used: RETUL, training plan, coaching ----------------------------------------------------------------- Describe your athletic background and how you discovered your current sport? I was an active child and continued being active as I got older, playing 3 varsity sports in HS and I was on the ski team. I played volleyball in college for 2 years. After college and in my early married years, I was not very active. After the birth of my twins I needed an outlet and to get my body back in shape. Running was the logical release. I built from 5ks to marathons, all the while I was fascinated with Ironman Triathlon. I just loved the idea of a multi-sport event. I rode my bike and biked a 50 miler and loved the idea of long rides. I signed up to swim at

IM 70.3 Florida - Race Report

TRAVEL After a morning swim workout at Furman on Thursday morning, we packed up my car, said good-bye to our furry crew (staying with "Grandma", 1 mile down the road) and headed down south - first stop, Jacksonville, FL. About six hours later, around 5:30pm, we arrived at Tricia's house (our friend/athlete) for a quick overnight stay before making the rest of the trip to Haines City. It was nice to be able to stretch out and have a nice dinner (from Native Sun) and catch up with Tricia and her husband Brandon (and 3 furry children). Karel received his new Alto disc wheel when we arrived to Tricia's so he glued on the tubular tire on Thursday evening. Seeing Karel with his new wheel was like seeing a kid at Disney World store - big eyes, full of excitement. We did a little work on the computer to get caught up from traveling all day but then it was early to bed as we were exhausted from sitting in the car all day. We woke up without an alarm around 6:3

Ironman 70.3 Florida - quick recap

When planning out our 2017 racing season, Karel and I thought long and hard about our 2017 and 2018 season goals as we are all about the developmental process and thinking long term as athletes. Once we established our goals, we selected races that featured courses that would best suit our individual strengths as endurance triathletes. With Karel focusing on two Ironman distance triathlons this summer (IM Placid and IM Chatty), I am focused on half IM distance racing to get more experience racing before returning back to the Ironman distance in 2018 (likely, Ironman Austria to try to break 10 hours). With this being my 11th year of endurance triathlon racing (and a new age group as I turn 35 in May) and Karel now entering his 5th year of calling himself a triathlete as a 40 year old, we both realize that we may be nearing our prime as endurance athletes and we don't want to waste a day of being able to use, push and challenge our healthy bodies. It's such a gift to be ab