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Inspiring the kiddos to eat the colors of the rainbow

On October 24th, I spoke to over 300 kids at St. Joseph's school. I was honored that they asked me to speak and did not want to turn down the opportunity to share my excitement for health and wellness and be part of Health Awareness Week! I created three separate 20-minute talks, in order for each talk to be age appropriate. Because we all know that kids in 3rd and 4th grade have a different attention span than 7th and 8th graders. Furthermore, 5th and 6th graders retain info differently than in the other grades. I find that the missing link in teaching children about the importance of eating fruits and veggies is that there is too much "education". I wanted the talks to be fun and interactive and of course, involve food. Kids have an amazing way of wanting to try new things when they are around their friends and peers. Therefore, I asked Whole Foods if they would like to help me out with my talk and they gladly said "YES!". Thanks to Whole Foods and my quick sh

Getting a jump start on the New Year

Just in case you missed the notice... The Iron Girl Clearwater, Lake Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Syracuse Events opened registration on Tuesday (yesterday) at 8 am EST!!! Hope to see some friendly faces at Iron Girl Clearwater and Atlanta! Iron Girl registration Due to a busy month of October (although Nov and Dec are looking to be jammed-packed with lots of fun events, job/career obligations and activities), I wrote my latest Iron Girl article before I left for Kona. I completely forgot about the topic, which is something near and dear to my heart. With the New Year quickly approaching, it is only a matter of time before we get bombarded with "diets" and "weight loss tips" to help people achieve unrealistic goals. Of course I am exaggerating...a little, but we all know that the holidays, alongside the New Year can be stressful, overwhelming and time-consuming with no shortage of thoughts about body image and eating. I hope you enjoy my latest article from the FREE Iro

Intervals and Popcorn!!

As an athlete, exercise physiologist, coach and exercise enthusiast, I believe in interval training in the "off-season" in order to maintain speed as you build on endurance. For if you spent weeks and months building your fitness in order to prepare for your final race of the season, why waste it for a few months of long, slow training...or for some athletes, no training/exercise. I find it valuable to take advantage of your well-earned 2-4 week, unstructured recovery/exercise routine, but once you get that feeling again, intervals are a great way to keep the body fresh and sharp, without overdoing it. The wonderful thing about interval training is that you have so much flexibility as to what the workout may be. I coach athletes from newbie to the experienced and every person has his/her own ability to do "speed" work. Speed work can be short and sweet, as in quarter mile repeaters or tempo as in 1/2 mile to 1 mile repeaters. All of my athletes (including myself) d

A cycling (and running) weekend in Clermont Florida

I was really looking forward to this past weekend...for some time now. A long-awaited "vacation" for me involving running and cycling...and no racing :) Karel fully enjoyed this "vacation" while we were in Kona. He played, I raced. This time around, it was Karel's turn to race in the Florida Cycling State Road Race Championship in Clermont, FL while I entertained myself on the bike and with my running shoes. A big special thanks to our friends Kim and Kevin Grogan (owners of Gear Multisport) for letting us stay in their beautiful waterfront condo, on Lake Minneola. Campy was able to join us for this fun weekend which was a lot of fun to have him around. My best friend Jennifer even joined me for a workout on Sunday morning and kept me company during Karel's race on Sunday afternoon. After a quick 2 hr and 15 minute drive to Clermont (just outside Orlando), late Friday evening, we were ready for a good night of sleep. Saturday morning came, as did a few ligh

Happy Halloween treats

It seems like every holiday is surrounded by food. With Halloween today and the winter holidays quickly approaching, there is no shortage of "eat this, not that" tips in order to save calories, maintain/lose weight or curb cravings. While working with athletes and fitness enthusiasts for the past few years, I developed a saying that will always stay with me... "If you eat well most of the time you don't have to worry about the rest of the time" The reason why I like this quote is that it speaks so loudly as to how we can all develop a healthy relationship with food. For there are 365 days in the year and a little over a dozen "American" holidays and common national observances to celebrate throughout the year. Although some holiday celebrations involve festive food that is enjoyed for more than one day, for the most part, holidays typically bring staple foods to be enjoyed on the respective day/holiday. Rather than telling you the "healthiest"