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Happy National Nutrition Month!

Doesn't this picture make you smile? If only we could all feel the same way about our body and diet. Ask yourself, when was the last time you felt confident, strong and proud about your lifestyle choices? The theme for National Nutrition Month (NNM) is "Get your plate in Shape." As a newly credentialed RD, I am so proud to be part of a fantastic community of registered dietitians as well as be part of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. But take away my credentials and all that is left of me is a body that absolutely loves the life that I am choosing to live. When it comes to National Nutrition Month, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Formerly known as American Dietetic Association) doesn't add a lot of complexity to the theme. The pictures above remind me of an overall theme as to how we should be eating and living. Each picture is colorful, bold and simply beautifuly to look at. Food in it's real form, natural, wholesome and pure. When it comes to nut

Oakley Women Laguna Retreat - Oakley Headquarters

Perhaps you don't expect a metal spike to drop directly on your eye, but how many times have you been hit by a small object when running, biking, walking or driving? You only have two eyes and although accidents happen (to some people more than others), there's absolutely no reason that any active individual should be saying the following "Sunglasses are too expensive". More so, if you find yourself spending money on glasses that are not Oakley, I highly encourage you to do some research as to how the company spends their money in terms of design, product development, testing and customer service. Testimonial: Karel has crashed many times in cycling and mountain biking races and never has he broken a pair of Oakley's. Karel has been wearing Oakley glasses and gear for over 12 years. Sadly, back in Czech Republic, Karel had a major surgery when he was a teenager when he was riding his bike, showing off his skills on a bike ramp. Karel overshot the ramp and ended

Oakley Women Laguna retreat - Day 2 in pics

Marni Sumbal, Triathlete & Coach from Mark Woods on Vimeo . The term addiction is often applied to activities that are non-substance related, particularly referring to individuals who "engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences, as deemed by the user themselves to their individual health, mental state, or social life. There may be biological and psychological factors contributing to these addictions." (Source: Wikipedia) Life presents many opportunites to feel as sense of accomplishment. Whether it is crossing your first running or triathlon finishing line, turning in a proposal, giving a presentation, passing an exam or putting together a community or volunteer-related event, I believe this quote says it the best: "The person determined to achieve maximum success learns the principle that progress is made one step at a time. A house is built one brick at a time. Football games are won a play at a time. A department store grows bigger one custom