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Living in Greenville - a dream come true

My dad volunteering and making sure my number was perfect before the 2011 Ironman World Championship.   I learned a lot from my dad in my almost 32 years with him  but year after year as I became an adult, I discovered that I had a lot in common with my dad.  Maybe that was because he was the best role model and mentor.  We both love the outdoors. We love to travel, especially road trips.  We love to laugh and smile.  We love physical fitness. We love science. We love public speaking and teaching others. We love to stay busy.  .  I remember so much about my dad because we were very close and on top of that, we have a very close family.  But one thing that my dad always taught me was to never wait for something. Whether it's a goal, a dream or a chore, get it done now and don't wait until tomorrow.  I remember that my dad always being great at getting things done. I would say he was a very accomplished man from work as an Optometric P

3 tips to help you enjoy your training journey

 From the goal-focused newbie athlete who is determined to cross a finish line with a smile, to the elite who races for bragging rights, prize money and podium awards and everyone in between, it's very easy to feel the pressure to perform on race day and consequently, overlook a few key areas which may positively affect your training journey. And because almost every athlete will have an obstacle or two to overcome throughout a training cycle (ex. injury, life change, work stress, family obligation, sickness, etc.) it's important that you never lose sight of your goals and that you always focus on what you CAN do throughout ever moment of your training journey until you reach the start line.  Without a doubt, it’s important that your voluntary, extremely active lifestyle is bringing you closer to your goals. But, participating in a race requires more than finishing a workout with tired muscles drenched in sweaty clothes, buying fancy equipment and gadgets and makin

Run your way to your best performance

Happy National Running day! I'm sure you don't need a day to celebrate your joy for running but if you need a little motivation to get out the door today and move your body, this is a great day to start! It doesn’t matter if it takes you 6 minutes or 16 minutes, a mile is still a mile. No matter your fitness level, running is a great sport to challenge your mind and body. But even better, running does not require a gym membership, you can do it almost anywhere (and anytime) and it comes with a list of benefits including body composition changes, fitness gains, stress relief and self-confidence. Because there is nothing better than putting all your hard work to the test on race day, it’s important that you arrive to the starting line hungry to race, uninjured and healthy in both body and mind. Even with the endorphin-rush following a rush of blood flow as you move your body quickly, with one foot in front of the other, running does come with a few downfalls.

Fuel smart and avoid anti-inflammatory pills

April 2014 issue of  Triathlete magazine Knowing what foods to eat to fuel your training is important, but to reap the benefits of the nutrients, it’s the when that really matters. Before and during a workout, your goal is to increase the delivery of nutrients to your working muscles to maintain glucose levels, postpone fatigue and improve your hydration status. After you’re done training, the focus shifts to replenishing glycogen stores and initiating tissue repair and muscle growth so you can bounce back even stronger for future workouts. With the following fueling suggestions, I will help you reduce risk for GI distress and help you find yourself gaining a competitive edge. How To Fuel Before Workouts Eating something before a training session is critical, as it will better prepare your gut for race day and help you to become more aware of how your body absorbs and metabolizes fuel in varying intensity levels, durations and weather conditions. Note : For an individ