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Beaches Fine Arts Series #2 race report

Another sprint for the season. Not sure what I am trying to prove to myself by doing these but I do have a great time. I love seeing familiar faces (now that I have been in Jax for a full year now), changing around my normal weekend routine and putting my training to the test. This week was a normal training week for me. Lots of hard work in the pool, on the bike and running on the road. No rest for me. I knew I would go into the race tired from training so I knew I couldn't be upset if I didn't perform to my potential (or what I think I am capable of doing). I've learned not to get upset at my races because I feel it's a privilege to do this sport when others only dream of doing a triathlon. Of course I want to do better than the last race and I live by the quote "the only easy day was yesterday" so when my alarm went off at 4:25am, I knew it was time to get on my game face. I warmed up my coffee and small bowl of oatmeal and hit the road for my 30 min. driv

Two Quick Meals

My life is consumed by school work right now. Since I start my day with a 90 min - 2 1/2 hour workout every morning of the week, I feel like the harder I train the more productive I am with my school work. Good thing I have an Ironman in two months or else I'm sure I would go crazy with all of my homework, papers and assignments. There are a few things in my daily routine that I look forward to everyday to keep me happy and enjoying life: 1 - Karel coming home from work. I love 7:20pm. Karel comes home from work (he goes to work at 10:45), I have a meal ready for us to eat together and then we watch TV. Usually Karel is on the computer as I am watching reality shows (by 7pm I am done with the computer) but it is just nice to be together. 2 - Campy. I love being outside and just enjoying the HOT weather with Campy. We take a 15-20 min. walk every 4 hours. Since we live in an apt on the 3rd floor, I don't really like just taking Campy out to pee every 3-4 hours. So, I give myself

Iron Girl Atlanta

As if being in the race wasn't exciting enough!!! June 9, 2009 (Tampa, Fla.) - Today, Iron Girl, the premiere all-women's event-based brand, announces that the third annual Aflac Iron Girl Atlanta Triathlon will be televised nationally on NBC Sports . The broadcast will air on Saturday, Aug. 23, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. ET. The telecast will showcase a highly competitive professional field as well as a diverse group of athletes varying in age and fitness level. "The partnership with NBC will highlight tremendous athleticism alongside stories of incredible personal achievement," said Jeff Charney, Aflac senior vice president and chief marketing officer. "Viewers will be inspired by these amazing women and will find their own motivation to live healthier lives." The broadcast will be shot on location on June 28, 2009, 45 minutes northeast of Atlanta, Ga., at Lake Lanier Islands Resort, situated on the shores of Lake Sidney Lanier. Featuring a 1/3-mile swim, 18

What to believe?

I love it when I receive emails from people who want to know about a supplement they found on the internet, or from a magazine or from the store. Mostly, people want my recommendation if it is worth taking, or most of all, if it is worth the money. Thank you for trusting my judgment. It is amazing how many supplements are out there claiming to "treat, cure or prevent" certain conditions. However, because most products that we all take are not backed by the FDA, the product will probably say "helps increase bone strength" because it cannot say "prevents osteoporosis". If the FDA (Food and drug administration) approves a product, a qualified health claim on the bottle is based on emerging scientific evidence to make that claim. Not to worry that most products that you use say "this statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease". Go take a look and s

Training weekend

I haven't had much to write about lately. My brain was overloaded all week because I had to prepare for my Nutrition assessment/medical nutrition therapy mid term exam. I took it yesterday and I will find out the results in a week or so. It was incredibly hard and I don't think I did too well. Karel said that if I knew everything I wouldn't need to be in school. I agree with Karel but I just get so frustrated that this material does not come too easily with me. Right now I am learning about feeding tube diets, liquid diets for people in the hospital, assessing people for different nutritional disorders and learning how to plan interventions and monitor and evaluate patients. My dietetic program has nothing to do with sports nutrition but what I am loving about my school is that I am learning valuable information that will prepare me for the clinical world of dietetics. I guess anyone can call themselves a nutritionist or sport nutritionist with some knowledge or passion in