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Trimarni Holiday Special!!

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift or want to gift yourself a great deal? For only $29.99 (+ shipping), you can receive:  A signed copy of my book Essential Sports Nutrition A  Fuel Smart, Stay Active, Thank Your Body  bookmark Two, 12 ounce bags of Trimarni coffee (your choice coffee) This offer is only good for a limited time. Order  HERE.

Are you a self-sabotaging dieter?

When a behavior interferes with your life or goals, it's considered to be self-sabotaging. Common behaviors include drugs and alcohol, comfort eating, dieting, self-medication and procrastination. While, in the moment, these behaviors may make you feel good, they eventually cause problems. With so many obstacles in your way as you navigate a stressful, busy and overwhelming life, don't make yourself one of them. As it relates to eating better, losing weight, improving fitness or adopting health promoting habits, a self-sabotager is likely to always be on the search for a new/better style of eating, often jumping from one extreme diet to the next. But eventually, the self-sabotager gives up and resorts back to old habits. Self-sabotage is when your good intentions don't match your behaviors and when your behaviors don't match your good intentions.   Here are some examples why you may be self-sabotaging your diet:  You are afraid of failing or not followi

2018 Racing Recap - Marni and Karel

After a well-deserved mental and physical break from structured training, we have officially closed the chapter to our 2018 season of racing. We are excited about the partnerships, opportunities and events that we have planned for 2019 and most of all, living a lifestyle of swimbikerun. Our excitement and passion for triathlon is just as great as when we started the sport and I contribute so much of that to coaching and surrounding ourselves with mentors/professionals who also love the sport. As a coach, I am reminded daily of how the sport of triathlon enriches the lives of so many people, of all backgrounds, from around the world.  After a race, it's normal for your inner self critic to break down the race, reflecting on the mistakes, errors and failures. While it's good to reflect on your flaws to find ways to improve, it's important to acknowledge what went well. Every year, Karel and I reflect and talk about our season. The highs and lows and everything in betwe