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Race season planning - tri in 30 days

Caitlin C. from Women's Health Magazine is continuing her journey of training for her first triathlon in 30 days. She is getting ready for the Iron Girl  Sandy Hook  sprint triathlon on Sept 8th and I have really enjoyed helping Caitlin prepare for this upcoming adventure.  In case you missed her previous posts, here are the links: Tri in 30 days Ace the run in a tri Strength Training For Triathlons Strength training moves for triathletes Since I LOVE helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts prepare for starting lines, I can't stress enough that training for any type of event (just like in life) takes time, commitment and an understanding that there will be many ups and downs and obstacles to overcome. The most important thing in any training journey is that you are enjoying seeing yourself make progress (in other words - you are making progress with your health, fitness and nutrition and not just checking off the miles). Caitlin C from Women's Health c

Kona IM training update + yummy creations

Wow - 45 days until the big day!! I'm so excited for my 3rd opportunity to race in the Ironman World Championship and I am incredibly grateful to my body for allowing me to have some awesome workouts so quickly after recovering from Ironman Lake Placid (IM #6).  Last week was very challenging but I allowed myself plenty of rest so that the weekly volume wasn't so high that my immune system, motivation and body would suffer.  Sunday was a mentally and physically tough workout thanks to Coach Karel for reminding me that you don't get very far without hard work....and you have to get faster before you go longer.  Saturday: AM 4 hour bike + 45 min run (average pace ~8:15-8:20 min/mile) (brick) Bike Main set:  4 x 30 min @ 10-15 watts higher than IM pace w/ 4 min EZ in between Nothing like a 2 hour and 16 minute main set to keep my mind focused.  Monday was a day off (+ hip/core work and stretching).  Tuesday: AM 1:45 bike (trainer) + 6 mile run (

Trimarni tip: metabolism

Source The human body is complex when it comes to metabolism but there is no reason why you can't make a complicated topic easy to understand. My classes in graduate school were overwhelming to say the least but I loved how much I was learning about the human body relating to exercise. Cardio physiology Adv Exercise phsyiology Lab methods Respiratory physiology A few of my favorite classes. Because now I divide my attention between working with athletes and fitness enthusiasts on training and coaching and seeing patients in the hospital, I feel my brain really gets a good understanding of the "healthy" body versus the body that is compromised. It is also overloaded at times which makes for great sleep when I can turn off my brain. When I am in the hospital, I learn a lot about the human body and I see a lot. I am amazed by what a sick body can do and I feel that makes me appreciate a body that is otherwise healthy and normal. I feel many people disrespect

2013 Speaking of Women's Health event recap (w/ recipes)

When I started triathlons, I was rather obsessed. My life revolved around training morning and night. Twice a day, everyday. The training lifestyle was not too much different than my college life of swimming twice a day, 5 days a week and then a long workout on Saturday, day off Sunday. Although I had about a year of discovering triathlons after college in 2004, I welcome my new triathlon lifestyle when I was in graduate school as I loved having something to prepare for and look forward to every day, all day.  That passion, excitement and motivation has not gone away for if it did, I would not be doing triathlons now 7 years later. But instead, my approach to training has changed as I have discovered that triathlons is not my life, but instead my lifestyle. Life has presented many obstacles, highs and lows over the past few years and as much as I had my swim-bike-run routine to look forward to every single day, I had other commitments in life that required more of my attenti