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Trimarni training camp - GREENVILLE, SC!!!

Can you believe you can find this much nature in downtown Greenville? Are you looking for a fun and challenging way to maximize your fitness while training for a long distance triathlon? The 4-day Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition Greenville training camp (JUNE 25-28) is a great opportunity for endurance-focused triathletes to accumulate a lot of training stress over a short period of time in order to build confidence, skills and fitness. As a dedicated age-group, elite or professional athlete, we know you love to put in hard work in order tak e your training to the next level but we know that sometimes training can become a little boring in the same environment.....all season long. Also, we know you balance a lot in life and we understand that work/life doesn’t always give you ample time to recover properly, get restful sleep, eat a balanced diet and keep your mind focused on your training. Our camp goal is to add some fun into your current triathlon training routine and tak

Are you race ready?

First baby, first new house, first job in a new state, first international travel, first time driving. Think about all the firsts that we encounter in life and how "so not ready" we feel with every new opportunity.  But somehow...we survive. It may not be flawless and we are bound to make mistakes but somehow we make it happen.  With every first comes an opportunity to learn, to experience, to grow and to develop. You gain new skills, new tools and new knowledge for the next time. Sometimes, we don't have a next time and it's a one-and-done opportunity. But I think in most cases, life presents multiple opportunities for repeat experiences and that is true in the case of sporting events, like triathlons and running.  This is the time of the year when athletes from all over are experiencing a lot of mindful dialogue about feeling or not feeling "race ready." I think it's great when an athlete is scared, nervous or anxious for a r

The fueling game - less is not best

It's a universal belief that by eating less, you will lose weight.  It's not that simple.  So is this why athletes are constantly trying to eat less to weigh less in order to be faster? Why is it for so many that eating is a chore, an issue, a disorder or a nasty conversation that is centered around what not to eat?  This needs to stop.  I've discussed this topic many times in the past on my blog and in articles but I don't feel the message is clear enough so I will say it again...and again and again.  If you are an athlete that has a drive for success, your methods for changing your body composition should not be counterproductive to your performance goals. Training for a race is not a weight-loss method!  There is a huge issue these days with body integrity and this affects how athletes eat and fuel. For the average individual who is just exercising, the consequences are not as extreme if the body goes into a workout underfueled or slightly dehydr