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Keep yourself safe while exercising in the heat

With memorial day just around the corner, warmer temps are soon to follow. As the summer begins, heat-related issues during exercise become more common. Before I discuss the tips to help you safely exercise in the heat, it's important to understand how heat and humidity affect your body during exercise. As you exercise, your muscles create heat. To keep your body safe as you begin to build up internal heat, your body increases your sweat rate to remove heat from the inside of your body – this happens through evaporative cooling. Overtime, as you become dehydrated (from fluid loss), blood volume decreases. As a result, blood gets thicker. And the more blood going to the skin means less blood going to your heart which means less blood to your working muscles. To maintain cardiac output (the amount of blood pumped by the heart per minute), heart rate increases in order to supply the working muscles with blood. But due to a decline in blood availability (because of cooling), less blood