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4th of July adventures

On Saturday morning, Karel and I headed out for a perfectly planned ride up to Flat Rock, into NC and back to our home.  First off - we just love our new bike stands from Feedback Sports  - even though Karel installed a rack on our garage wall to hang our bikes, I can't believe we went so long without these affordable, easy to use floor stands!. Also, I just LOVE my new bar tape from  Lizard Skins  which matches our "Kona edition" Canari kits (we received a prototype product which Karel put on each of our bike handlebars).  The ride started out great and I was feeling strong staying behind Karel (for the most part) until we got to the watershed area and then up to Flat Rock. I was doing great switching my gears, primarily in the small chain ring to maintain a nice cadence when I came to a descending segment and I tried to change my gears into the big ring and well, no shifting was happening. Hmmmm.  When I finally linked up with Karel at the top of the cl

Trimarni Greenville camp - Day 4 recap

The final day of camp had arrived and it was time to put everything together that our campers learned over the past 3 days. Karel and I knew that we wanted to make our camp bike heavy simply because our terrain is amazing for improving bike fitness. With all of our rolling hills, mountains and punchy climbs, you have no choice but to ride and get stronger. However, a big part of a bike-focused camp is making sure that our campers understand how to ride their bikes. Yes, it's very easy to sit on a bike and just pedal but many athletes do not know (or never take the time to learn) how to use their gears properly, how to descend and climb in the "proper" line, how to fuel/hydrate while riding (especially during intense efforts or while climbing/descending), how to sit properly on the bike and how to anticipate climbs and when to stand, sit or to stay aero (specific to triathletes).  Karel and I constantly hear these "rules" that triathletes try to abide by

Trimarni Greenville camp - Day 3 recap

As much as our campers love the entire 4-day camp experience, after day 2 , our campers tend to move a little slower, talk a little less and take a bit longer to warm-up. But that's ok - it's all part of the overloading process and it's much easier to suffer with friend/teammates.  We knew that our campers would be moving slow after the last two days of camp and Karel and I wanted to change up the scenery so that our campers did have to go into day 3 workouts with a "just get through it" mindset.  We are big proponents of changing up the scenery in our own training, especially when it comes to the final push before an endurance race. When training on the same roads all the time, we often need a mental boost to help keep us entertained to get out the door and to have quality workouts. It's no fun to just check off workouts to get them done so a new place to train can often be a welcomed reboot for the system.  Just an hour drive away