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Off to SoCal with Oakley Women!

      Shape Magazine hand selected 200 women who entered a contest online to join Oakley Women at the first ever VIP Oakley Progress Sessions in San Diego, California. Ladies - there's still time to enter for Denver and Dallas! Find out more HERE. I can't tell you how much my life has changed because of Oakley Women. It's not about the free gear or amazing free trips but instead, opportunities to expand my passion for an active and healthy lifestyle and most importantly, share it with other like-minded women. There's nothing I love more than a confident, get-after-it woman who doesn't have can't in her vocabulary. When I am with Oakley Women (staff, ambassadors and others), I am always inspired and I leave motivated and even more determined to share my passion with the world.  Yoga, Boot Camp, swag, interviews, nutrition workshop.....this one-day event is packed with activities and fun and I am so excited to share this first-ever experience wit

Turnips - who knew so delicious?

No questioning, I love food....I don't consider myself a "foodie" but instead, food is fuel. As an athlete, food gives me energy, it postpones fatigue and it helps me recover. As a clinical RD, food is nourishment, it helps prevent disease and illness and it is used for healing. As an active, health conscious individual, food is fuel, nourishment and for pleasure. Continuing my quest to appreciate real foods, I am gradually finding myself introducing more root veggies into my diet. I love a rich, strong taste in some of my favorites (garlic, onions, mushrooms) but still, I am not afraid to try new foods to learn to appreciate what nutrients they can add to my active body. In looking up inspiration for the turnips that I bought at the store the other day, I came across a lot of "low carb" blogs talking about how great turnips are in place of potatoes. Well, in the Sumbal house, we welcome all food grown by farmers and in a garden. You will not see an "off l

What to expect on triathlon race day - course check

This coming weekend is the Ocala HITS triathlon - a distance for everyone from sprint to Ironman. I was scheduled to do this race but with my previous hip issues and the opportunity to speak at an upcoming Oakley Women event, the cards were not in my favor for the race but certainly, the cards didn't mean I wasn't going to come out a winner. Next weekend I will be able to watch 4 of my 6 athletes who are racing in the HITS Olympic distance triathlon and I am super excited to be there to cheer for everyone. Karel and my other athlete Chris will be racing the half IM on Saturday and although I will be super sad not to be there to support them, I will be flying home from San Diego after my quick 2-day trip to the west coast. I can't complain about my life when I am in control of my attitude. There are many times in life when we have a choice to say "why now?" or "that's ok". I prefer the later as my worst day may be someones best day. There are so