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Crockpot and Panini Maker

If you don't have a crockpot...go get one! Right next to our Panini maker, the crock pot is one of our favorite kitchen gadgets! All credit goes to Karel for the first recipe because he made thie meal in our crockpot. The second recipe is vegetarian friendly and one I am sure EVERYONE can enjoy...PB&J panini! Enjoy! Chicke Cacciatore with Veggies Ingredients: Chicken breasts Potato Peas Garlic Carrots Onions Can of Sloppy Joes sauce Tomato sauce Seasoning soup mix (watch sodim when adding seasonings) Pepper Parsley Throw everything in the crockpot and cook for 6 hours and viola! Beer for prep...and dinner PB&J Bagel Panini 1 whole grain bagel (less than 240 calories) 1 tbsp natural skippy peanut butter 1-2 tbsp low sugar strawberry jelly 1-2 tbsp raisins 1 tbsp sliced almonds dash of cinnamon Turn on Panini maker to medium heat. Spread PB on 1 side bagel and 1-2 tbsp jelly on other side of bagel (the jelly side will lay down on the bottom of the panini maker and the PB side


I thought I would take a break from questions (more to come next week!) and post a few meals that I have created in the past week. Enjoy! Healthy Pot Pie I was feeling a little creative the other day. I wanted to use a package of reduced fat croissant rolls that I have had in the fridge for a while. Usually I use the dough for croissants w/ jelly but this time I wanted to make a meal for Karel. I thought about doing a croissant bread pizza but I've done that before. So I made this recipe up as I went along. You can use whatever lean meat you choose for the inside and for my vegeterians you can use veggie meat or tofu. Ingredients: *1 package reduced fat pillsbury (or generic brand) croissants (usually by the eggs and cream cheese in the grocery) *1 cup low sodium vegetable soup *Lean meat (I used 96% fat-free, low sodium Deli Ham for Karel) *Veggies: Chickpeas,peas, corn (about 1/4-1/3 cup of each. You can use frozen veggies. Beans can be substituted for chickpeas) *1-2 clove garli


Here is another great question from a blog reader... QUESTION: I have a generally good idea of what I should be eating on a daily basis - hot cereal in the morning and a balanced lunch and dinner. Where I struggle is in the snack department. I wouldn't say I eat copious amounts of unhealthy snacks, rather the problem is that I don't snack too much at all. I think this is leading to me overeating on my lunch and dinner. If I have fruit I just wind up feeling hungry again so that isn't helping. I know I need to add protein in, but I need some help getting creative with my snacks. For awhile I was eating an apple with natural peanut butter all the time…but that got boring and I quickly dropped that practice. Any suggestions on how to keep things interesting, healthy and satisfying all at the same time? ANSWER I can't tell you how many people email me regarding snack ideas. In my opinion, a snack is useful to keep the blood sugar stable. So many times people forget a

National Nutrition Month Part 2

I received a lot of great questions last week from various blog-readers and I'd like to post a few of them. Here is a great question for all the mothers out there with newborn babies and/or future mothers (and fathers). Laura (from the healthy cooking post) answered this question since she has a lot of experience from working with WIC and other various pediatric clinics. QUESTION: "I have a 20 month old daughter who only weighs 19 lbs. The pediatrician says if the baby doesn’t start gaining weight soon it could lead to developmental problems. Currently she is in the -3% range for weight, and 40% for height on the charts. But not even being on the chart for weight is kind of scary. So do you know of any healthy way to make a baby grow? I don’t want to just start giving her mcdonald’s and ice cream just to put junk pounds on the kid." ANSWER First we have to know how much her baby is taking in caloric wise-how many glasses of whole milk she is getting in a day and what

A whole lotta cycling!

This weekend was filled with a lot of bike riding and very little rest. I am finally sitting at the computer with my feet up and listening to the TV in the background. Campy is sleeping next to me and Karel is out with his guy friends here in Tampa Bay, enjoying a few beers. First I will start with my weekend, which is much less entertaining than Karel's weekend. My workout on Sat was tough. I am finally training for an IM. With a 3:30-4 hour ride and 45 min run on the schedule I was actually looking forward to training on the roads outside of my parents house and sticking my legs in their pool when I was finished. I think brick workouts are SO important for IM training and even though I still have a LONG way to go until the "Big" brick workouts, every brick is important. My ride went by super fast because I had certain sets for my entire ride. I had certain power zones to stay at but here was the set: 30 min. warm-up 50 min tempo w/ 10 min recovery 2 x 20 min sub-thresho