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NEW! Trimarni shirts and tanks

  NEW TRIMARNI TEAM SHIRTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! Show your support for the Trimarni team with a comfortable tie-dye tank or short-sleeve shirt. Perfect for recovery, travel, and pre/post race. Don't forget to also order a shirt for your family/friends to sport on race day. These items are only available for pre-sale.  The order will be placed on August 20th, 2021. Please allow 2 weeks for production. As always, $1 of every order will go to the Humane Society of Greenville. ORDER HERE.

Dealing with toxic food and body discussions

You've been there before. You are minding your own business, enjoying your leftovers during your lunch break. And then it happens. Either you overhear it at the table next to you or the conversation you are in suddenly changes topic. Fat shaming. Diet talk. Body image. I shouldn't be eating this, I am so bad. My friend started this new diet and she lost so much weight. I wish I could eat that but it's off-limit in my diet. Ugh, I must have gained 20 lbs over vacation. Did you see how much weight ___ lost/gained? I could never eat as much as you do or I would get so fat. I start my diet on Monday, who's with me? Working in a body-inclusive environment is not the norm as much of the workplace culture is submerged deep in diet culture. Despite feeling uncomfortable in this type of environment, it may be difficult to avoid these situations. To change the culture at work and to help others build a healthier relationship with food and the body, here are a few tips: Set your

Back To Structured Fun

I enjoyed a 2-week mid-season break after Ironman Lake Placid. Although I was pretty smashed for the 48 hours after the race, I bounced back pretty quickly on Wednesday. By the weekend, I was itching to get back into structured training. However, I knew that I needed to respect my body (and mind) for what it allowed me to do for 140.6 miles and give it the rejuvination that it deserved.  My approach for my two week mid-season break was unstructured fun. Without a schedule as to what to do each day, I let my body and mind decide what it was I would do, and for how long. Aside from swimming, all exercising was kept at a low intensity and included stops as needed.  Here's a recap of my 2-weeks of unstructured fun:  July 25th: Ironman Lake Placid July 26th: Walking around town July 27th: Fly home July 28th: Road bike (90 min, 4PM) July 29th: Long course swim (~3700 yards, 8:13AM). 40 min run (5:40PM). July 30th: Long course swim (~4300 yards, 9:04AM) July 31st: Bike (~1:20, 10:11AM), R