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Showing posts from March 11, 2007

Lots of news...

First off..Happy St.Patrick's day to my Irish friends or anyone else celebrating the holiday. Good luck to my brother and the University of Michigan Gymastics team who are at Ohio State today for a meet! GO BLUE Looks like Kentucky survived the first round and they are off to the second round of basketball on sunday....GO WILDCATS! I want to give a BIG congrats to my friend Hunter who competed in his first International Distance triathlon (2nd triathlon) this morning in Ft.Desoto. Not only was it super windy but he had a great race in a stellar time of 2:15!!!! WOW HUnter...looks like we have a superstar in the making. Isn't it great to plan a race and then race your plan! Congrats again..see ya on the trail and in the pool! I decided to pass on the Gearlink ride this morning and keep it entirely solo. No fun getting dropped and although I know I don't "draft" properly and my fitness is not at the level of the guys, I have no trouble pushing myself..especially on

March Madness!

Even though this is one of my favorite months because of college basketball, this month is flying by and is busy as ever! First off, I LOVE college ball! Being from kentucky and bleeding blue until I moved to Florida (well, still a KY basketball fan, but the state of Florida doesn't stop when Tubby is on TV), I am a big fan of march madness. The bracket is filled out and I'm super excited to see how I do. Regarding the Duke game last night, this is going to be a wild tournament! Training is going great with an occasional ache or two in my foot. As much as I want my foot to be completely healed for my first week next weekend (subaru) I am still confident with my training. I've been swimming super hard and running a bit more (up to 20+ miles a week). So it isn't like the 50+ mile running weeks I put in for Ironman, but I'm ok with that. The cycling is going great and it doesn't matter when I ride, I am always in the headwind! Great Kona training I guess ;) I spend

Traveling + Time Change

Well, back from Michigan and I had a wonderful time. My brother did great on Rings and High Bar and he is so impressive to watch! MIchigan won the meet vs. Illionois and University of Michigan is still ranked #1 for Big Tens!!! Hopefully they will win NCAA in April and my brother will finish his gymnastics career with a nice ring. I ran on saturday in the cold and really enjoyed my run through the campus. I bit different dodging students, tour groups and pedestrians, but all in all, it was a fun change of scenery. Glad to be back in warm and sunny Florida! Sunday was a well-deserved day off and due to the time change, I slept in until 8am!!!!! WOW-that is just crazy. I was really happy to spend the weekend with my brother and family and now that I am back to Florida, staying busy doing a bit of everything. I just finished an interview with my next Gatorade Athlete of the Month for my column in Triathlete magazine and this guy is amazing. There are so many amazing athletes out there I