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NCAA Men's gymnastics Recap

I think it is very rude and selfish of the Men's Gymnastics team to put US (spectators) through so much stress and nervousness!!! Only kidding...this was an amazing championship to watch! Thursday we watched the University of Michigan, in addition to several other schools, compete as teams to qualify for the team final meet on Friday evening. The top 3 teams from thursday's two sessions (afternoon and evening) qualify. 3 teams in the afternoon session qualify and 3 teams in the evening qualify. My brother did well on his two events, High Bar and Rings, but individual rankings weren't that important on Thursday because the stress was on the team (as a whole) to do well in order to qualify for Friday evening. Individual finals take place tonight (SAT) and the athletes participating in individuals was determined based on the top 10 athletes from Friday evening. Confused yet? University of Michigan had a great meet on Thursday but unfortunantly, the chance to qualify for Friday

Altitude Training...sort of!

We will call this week a running week. It is only Friday and I have put in 45 miles of running. After swim practice on Tuesday (4500 yards), my run workout was a 50 min. interval day on the trail (3 x 1 mile repeats at 10K HR pace). Wednesday’s workout was my normal 45 minute spin class that I teach, followed by 5 miles with 6 x 3 min at 5K HR pace. Other than my two interval workouts, Mon, Thurs and Fri have been easy long runs of around 10 miles. No pain in the foot, no sore muscles. However, my bike is being missed right now. Oh well, sometimes you gotta go with the conditions of Mother Nature. With rain on Mon and Tues and a trip to Pennsylvania on Wed, I had no time to get on the bike. No worries cause the past month or so I have put in major miles on my two bikes! Traveled to Penn State on Wed for Aaron’s NCAA gymnastics meet. His LAST meet ever and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Wed was a crazy day of traveling, with a bumpy direct flight to Pittsburg, apartment looking for my

It all went by so fast....

What a BUSY last couple of days. Training is the same...lots of it. Oh, I'm having no pain when running either so that is a great thing. Cycled one of my biggest weeks at 276 miles and ran a pain free 30 miles as well. Swimming was great this week with around 5500 yrds. A bit on the low side for swimming, but I will need to add an extra day of swimming to add on more yards to my two swimming days a week. I know I need to continue with the bike work so really feel strong in Kona. Friday was supposed to be an easy spin with my friend Christian, but instead it turned out to be a 3 hour ride in the wind averaging around 18-19 mph. So I had to draft on his wheel on the way back but it was still an enjoyable ride. Watched Pursuit of Happyness this weekend (for the second time) and recommed it to anyone who needs a lesson on working hard for something that they believe in...what a great movie! Saturday was an easy morning for me. I work up at 630 for a planned run and thought to myself..a