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'23 IM Chattanooga Race Recap (Karel)

2.4 mile swim: 38:29 (current assisted) T1: 5:09 116 mile bike: 4:56 T2: 3:34 26.2 mile run: 3:16.03 Total: 8:59.57, 1st AG 45-49, 5th overall Karel turned 47 on Friday. For the past 17 years, I make sure to show Karel how much he is loved and appreciated on his birthday. Karel is struggling with the idea of getting older as it's also a reminder of the passing of time. But the wonderful thing about a birthday is to see how far we've come, to celebrate achievements and to look ahead to future milestones. Over the past year, Karel has completed a 5-day gravel stage race, a 6-day mountain bike stage race, two Xterra triathlons and several 6+ hour bike events. Despite getting older, he can still celebrate doing something for the first time. On Sunday, Karel completed his 17th Ironman in Chattanooga, TN. His last road triathlon was 14 months ago.  He went into the race with zero expectations, a great amount of endurance, experience and strength and the excitement of the unknown. Thr