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Trimarni Run/Tri/Cycling kits - store is OPEN!

  Check out Trimarni hubby (Karel) racing strong in the Trimarni black run/tri top!       This is just a friendly reminder that the Trimarni tri/run top, tri/run bottoms and NEW cycling jersey and cycling shorts (PINK OR BLACK) are ready for you to put them to good use!       The store is OPEN and will close at the end of the day on May 1st, 2013 (tomorrow!). This is a custom order so after 5/2/13 I will not be able to purchase any more pink/black Trimarni kit items from Canari Cyclewear until we decide on another order (Likely in the fall).       Any questions?   Let me know (or read more on my website). Enjoy, happy shopping and thank you for your support!   I look forward to many active bodies putting these items to good use - training, exercising and/or crossing finishing lines. (we have cycling shorts now in addition to run/tri shorts!) SHOP HERE

What's it like to ride 100 miles behind Karel?

For the past 5 weeks, I have been focused on periodized training as I train for Ironman Lake Placid. Like every athlete, I have had some obstacles thrown in my way but I just focus on the cans and making progress - for some progress is better than no progress. In other words, making small gains forward and not going backward. With not running for 8 weeks due to my iliopsoas strain/tendonitis issues, I had a lot of ground to make up but I believe in making investments and not withdrawals. I got myself very strong in my glutes/hips/adductors/abductors and although the progression back to running has been slow, I have designed my return to running with a purpose for each run - I must feel stronger and more confident with my running with every workout. I stop before I need to stop, I walk to ensure less residual fatigue and I am focused on form, not speed. As for swimming - I love to swim and not sure how much I will improve over the next 2 months but for me to get faster, I have to swi