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Tracking for Ironman World Championship

Bike is checked in. Transition bags are hanging. Compression is on and I am waiting to pick-up my favorite pre-race meal - OUTBACK!!! The nerves are building but what I am feeling is to be expected. I have known about this race since Sept 2011 when I qualified. I have dedicated the last 14 weeks to prepare my mind and body to be in the best possible shape for this event. I can't wait to enjoy this experience to the fullest. Every mile I will be thinking about the past 5 years and all the obstacles and exciting moments that have occurred in my life. Knowing that there were many times in the past 5 years when I could have given up on pursuing my athletic and personal goals, makes me proud to have this opportunity. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the emails, text messages, facebook messages and kind words that I have received in the past week. More than that, I am so thankful to have so many supportive people in my life, who have believed in me no matter what I set my mind

Kona Countdown - LAST DAY!!

"Being relaxed, at peace with yourself, confident, emotionally neutral, loose, and free-floating - these are the keys to successful performance in almost everything." -Dr. Wayne W. Dyer The energy is building on the island and the weather is AMAZING!! Last night at the opening athlete banquet, it POURED for almost 30 minutes!!! Rain on this part of the island is not too common as most of the rain occurs in the mountains. More so, the Ironman World Championships is known to have 85-degree temps on race day but the black pavement and lava producing temps up to 115 degrees. Right now the weather is a "cool" upper 70/low 80 degrees and feels refreshing. Of course, the winds are still brewing out on the Queen K so, without a doubt, Saturday (regardless of temperature) will make for an incredibly challenging day. Then again, there is no thing as an "easy" Ironman so it is what it is and we will all hope for a safe race day. As I write this blog post early on Fr

Kona Countdown 1 more day: creating memories

I always learn so much about myself, life and my body witin every Ironman Journey. I learn about my ability to overcome obstacles and I also become aware of my limits. But when I train for an Ironman, there is nothing more special than creating memories with those who I love and who have supported me in every Ironman journey. Additionally, I love being able to inspire others through my blog, emails and facebook, and to encourage others to set and pursue individual dreams and goals. I received a few emails from close friends yesterday regarding an article on Triathlete online that was recently published. What would I do without my faithful friends! The article was on 7 inspiring age-group athletes who are participating in Kona. It is a privilege to share this article with 6 other, amazingly talented and inspiring athletes who all are not afraid to "go for it". Sometimes it just takes a single step or a thought to get started but most of all, we should never be afraid to make

Kona Countdown 2 days: Aloha oukou!!

Aloha kakahiaka!!! We have arrived and the big island of Kona is no less beautiful than the first time I came here in 2007. However, this time around I am not injured, I am a stronger and smarter Ironman athlete, Karel is with me, my parents are volunteering 3x this week, I am no longer a "student" and I am really, truely, absolutely enjoying every single second and making sure I soak up every minute on this island. Although I am here to race this Ironman World Championships and put my training to the test, digging deeper than I have ever dug before, I will not push beyond what I have trained my body to do as the Ironman is not about the fastest athlete, but the smartest - the one who slows down the least. Our trip went very smoothly. Continental was great with our bikes and followed up with us on the plane that our precious cargo was with us, heading to Houston. Pheww. Once we got to Houston, Karel and myself passed time by eating breakfast and stretching our legs. This trip

Kona Countdown 3 days: Up, up and away....

I am writing this on Mon evening but when you read this, it is likely that Karel, me and our bikes will be making our long trip to the big island. Our plane leaves super early so that makes for a 3:45am wake-up call, a hopeful smooth check-in with luggage and two bikes and a 6am lift off for the first of three flights. ETA 4:30pm Kona time (10:30pm EST)...hopefully with two bikes :) Bags are packed and I have PLENTY of TriMarni food to keep our blood sugar stable and bellies happy throughout our 19 hour day. I'm super excited to get there and see my parents, who arrive 1 hour after us. We are staying at a condo, about .5 miles from the start/finish so that makes for easy walking to Ironman village. My furry (and fishy) crew will be well-taken care of when we are away but I'm already missing my furry best friend. It's always hard to leave Campy but Karel has been keeping me in good spirits, telling me that it is time for Campy to go to "Camp" as he will be able to

Kona Countdown 4 days: Dear Body

Dear Body, Last year I wrote you a Letter , thanking you for all the finish lines that you have allowed me to cross. IMFL Ironman World Championships, Hawaii IMKY IMWI Once again, I find it very important to give you the "thanks" that you deserve in helping me reach my number one goal of getting to every IM starting line. In the closing of my last letter, I told you how much I wanted to qualify for Kona. Of course, you knew that since you endured many long hours of training in order to gain the strength that was necessary to race the girls in the 25-29 age group at Ironman Wisconsin. Well, body - WE did it and I can't thank you enough. It's been 13 months since I wrote you a letter and perhaps this letter could not have come at a more appropriate time. I am four days away from racing in my 2nd Ironman World Championship and my 5th Ironman triathlon. We are 29 years of age and can you believe that we are still going strong at learning how to race for 140.6 miles? Body