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Doesn't get much better....

Than This...... Our day at Diamond Peak ski resort.

Lake Tahoe

It is something here! We are just in winterland heaven! First off, I miss Campy and Smudla. I think about them all the time and since I don't have kids, I miss my furry little babies :) We finally got snow today! It came down overnight and when we arrived at the Tahoe Cross Country spot, it was snowing even more! Yesterday was our first time on the snow. We had a lesson for cross country skiing and Karel was a natural. I am not surprised since he seems to excel at everything he does. I enjoyed the lesson and our instructor was great. She was super nice and we even had our own personal FREE lesson. After about 30 minutes of our lesson, our instructor said that we were doing really well and we picked up really quickly. Since Karel was off on his own during our lesson, I liked the company and the instructor and I chatted as we were skiing. After the lesson, Karel and I were on our own. I didn't ask Karel to wait for me because I was a bit slow for him, but Karel didn't go too

Hello from Reno!

After 11 hours of traveling we finally made it to Reno. I am not a fan of traveling by plane because I am not in control. I love to travel but I like to be able to have a say in...when we leave, what we eat, where we stop, etc. It is just the way I am but when it comes down to it, I can adapt. Especially, since we are on Vacation. For lunch we ate at the aiport in Tampa. Karel picked up bagels from Panera on Wed morning and we each made a bagel sandwich. Karel had a chicken sandwich and I made a PB, nuts and raisin sandwich. I also packed two giant bags of trail mix, a bag of grapes, two apples, 2 granola bars, a few sport bars and our water bottles. I think that all lasted us until dinner time. We flew on Southwest which had great service and lots of snacks and beverages but no TV or radio. I read my nutrition book and Karel is almost finished with his book From Lance to Landis. At dinner time we had a 3 1/2 hour layover in Phoenix. I had my choice of a burrito at a Mexican grill or a

What happened to my Tuesday???

It is now Wednesday and I am just killing time at my parents house until we head to the airport for our 2pm flight. It is super windy here in New port richey but a nice 50-degree, sunny day. I had a great hour run this morning to get the blood flowing before I sit all day. Here was my tuesday....which felt like a 5 hour day, rather than a typical 14 hour day. 6:30am - Coffee, check email, check training peaks for workout. 7am - On trainer. Although this is my recovery week, the un-planned workouts start on wed (today). Shawn did break up the monotony of the normal Tues interval workouts so I didn't mind getting in a good sweat this morning. After the warm-up I did 1 min on, 1 min off, 2 min on, 1 min off, 3 min on, 1 min off, 4 min on, 1 min off. After recovering after the set, I repeated it again. The "on" was in the big chain ring and the "off" was in the small chain ring. The goal was to keep the same cadence throughout the entire set. I liked the workout and

Please VOTE!!

Train like an athlete

Check out for my latest article...and don't forget to subscribe to the FREE newsletter!!! Train Like an Athlete By Marni Rakes Do you find it hard to use the word "athlete" when referring to yourself as a fit individual? Typically women who begin an exercise or weight loss program exercise at a different intensity compared to an athlete and therefore, rarely use the word "training" when describing a workout session. Even if you are exercising in order to participate in an upcoming Iron Girl event, you should never compare your fitness routine to the women winning their age groups at the races. When you see an athlete training specifically for a race, it is common to think that all athletes strive to compete and win. As a fitness enthusiast, have you ever hesitated signing up for a race because you thought you would never win and you just hoped you didn't come in last? Sadly, many women, who love to exercise, pass on the opportunity to sign up fo

First race of the season!!

I can't believe that Karel is already racing. I still have a few more months until I think about getting into the ocean for a triathlon. But I do love watching Karel race because it gives me that boost that I need to keep me fired up to train all year long. The morning started at 7am when I spent about 20 minutes deciding where to run. Treadmill or outside. It was 27-degrees and I had a 16 mile run to do. At 7:30 I was starting my run on the treadmill. I thought I would just run an hour and then go outside but after 10 miles of watching shows on TV I decided to stick it out and finish to 16 miles. It took me 2 hours and 5 minutes. After the run I took a shower, got dressed and made myself a calorie-filled protein smoothie (topped off with cereal) to get me through the next few hours. I packed a PB&J sandwich, granola bar and an apple for later on. We headed to Deland which was a new area for me. After 2 1/2 years of watching Karel race, I feel like I have been everywhere in Flo