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Are you making a New Year diet change?

Fasting, detoxing, cleansing..... It's no surprise that after the holiday season and the start of the New Year, weight loss is a top priority. However, weight loss involves a lifestyle change and for many people, there are many psychological barriers that prohibit the "right" changes from being made.  Motivation in the New Year to eat better, exercise more or live a healthier lifestyle is not uncommon but is this going to be the year when it's no longer an attempt but rather a start to a new, maintainable healthy lifestyle? Of course, you may have said it once before... "THIS will be the year when I stick with my new habits!!" But we all know that making a lifestyle change is challenging and when people can't follow a diet plan, they feel like they failed. When people succeed it a diet plan, they feel great success.  But unfortunately, many people will go year after year, diet plan after diet plan, never realizing that these plans were not

2015 - A year in review

Another year has gone by and another year awaits us. I'm not one for New Years resolutions so instead, I see the New Year as a time to reflect on the past and to get excited for what awaits in the future. 2015 was filled with a lot of highs and a few lows. We worked a lot, we traveled, we raced and we made a lot of memories. Not a day was wasted. Here is a recap of our very busy and exciting year. January  January is always a busy month for us as it follows December. Our athletes start their training plans for the upcoming season and my nutrition services needed for athletes who are taking the next step to better their health and/or performance with a dietary intervention or change. Karel continued to be in high demand for Retul bike fits in Jacksonville so for almost the entire year, every 4-7 weeks he would travel to Jax for 3-4 days of all-day fits. This was our first time experiencing a winter after living in Florida for the past 10 years so we enjoyed