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Body image at the elite level - Live Chat with Olympian Katie Zaferes

Mark your calendars for a live broadcast discussion with 2019 ITU series overall champion, Olympian triathlete Katie Zaferes.  It's no secrete that many athletes struggle with body image. But what about elite and professional they deal with the same issues? Are Olympians afraid of becoming too muscular? Do they feel pressure from coaches (and the media) to be lean on race day? Do they worry about weight? Every athlete wants to perform at his/her best when it matters the most...on event day. But in certain sports, there is a lot of pressure to look a certain way - to reach a body type that's "ideal." Many athletes struggle with eating enough to support the energy demands of training and wanting to look a certain way. Alongside a misbelief that lower body weight (or body fat) improves performance, many athletes desire a change in body composition due to the display of their bodies in a tight or revealing uniform. When the pressure is so great to achieve a

GVL WBL #7 - Performing under pressure

  Instead of riding our bikes to Trailblazer Park (the start of the group ride), we decided to drive the two miles so that we could run right after we biked. Every Saturday, I find myself in a mental match of whether or not I can muster the energy to run off the bike. The change of scenery was just what I needed as I found it much "easier" to commit to the run after another challenging group ride. Plus, we were joined by our triathlon buddies so the accountable was nice from the extra company.  I was really looking forward to this ride as it was "only" 63 miles but it was a route that we had never done before. So much of the ride was new to us and we were really looking forward to seeing new roads and sights. It's incredible that after six years of living in Greenville, we are still discovering new bike-friendly roads!  After the first few miles, it was evident that this would be a hard ride as the wind was strong. Even with the group, it was hard to tuck-in and