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Want to try out my fav bike sport nutrition product?

BOGO 50% OFF SALE until 12/13/19!!! Buy one bag of Custom Blend & Get one bag of Custom 50% Off USE CODE: THESALE19 Not only do you get one bag 50% off now.. but you also get one bag 50% off in 2020! Free Shipping on Orders $125+ Valid on 12 and 25 serving bags. If you would like to try out the custom formula that I created and often recommend for my coaching and nutrition athletes to utilize on the bike in long distance training/racing (male/female/ any weight/height), INFINIT is having a fantastic sale off custom orders. The preset flavor for the endurance base formula is grape so I you like that flavor, you can just click this link to order  ➡️  Trimarni endurance base formula . If you would like to change the flavor of my Trimarni endurance base formula , here is the nutritional information (and sliders) from my custom formula so that that you can recreate the exact Trimarni endurance base formula  choose your own flavor. Although I like the grape flavor,

Did you hear? Oatmeal is unhealthy!

When an athlete consults with me on  daily/sport nutrition , it's becoming more of a regular occurrence to receive a "thank you" (along with a huge sigh of relief) when I tell an athlete that they are allowed to eat carbohydrates. Recently, I had an athlete tell me how happy she was that I told her that she could eat oatmeal for breakfast. She told me that she really missed having a warm bowl of oatmeal in the morning before work (and after a workout) because she recently cut it out of her diet because she heard that oatmeal was unhealthy. Can you believe that......oatmeal is now considered unhealthy? Another case of nutrition quakery! Oats - from steel-cut to quick and rolled - are a form of complex carbohydrates. Which means they are far superior to their store-shelf counterparts...lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch.  Oats are rich in B-vitamins, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, iron, calcium and protein. Oats are low in salt, sugar and fat. Rich in b

Well fed.

All good things must come to an end. Later this evening, Karel's mom will be boarding a plane to travel from Charlotte to London to Prague. For the past (almost) 3 months, Karel's mom has been feeding us well. Our freezer is now packed with leftovers and extras - just in case we need a bit of her home cooking. We also have several tupperware containers of Xmas cookies (that we may have already gotten into :-) Although you can't smell the yumminess, I wanted to share some of the delicious meals, treats and eats that we have enjoyed over the past few months. Many of our meals were vegetarian but with a few traditional dishes, Karel's mom would make me a vegetarian version so that Karel could enjoy the original dish (with meat). She got really good cooking with tofu and vegetarian "meat" so she could recreate the traditional Czech dish for me to enjoy. Over the past few months, our lunch has been our "big" meal of the day (as that's typical whe

Appreciative of the long run

After a very tough 1:45 trainer session on Saturday morning, we ventured out to the Pretty Place Chapel so Karel and his mom could enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains. We then we went back to Triple Falls so they could see the covered bridge and high falls. The weather was a bit chilly compared to the last time we hiked but the trails were so quiet in the afternoon - it made for a peaceful afternoon in nature. We made a quick stop at the Flat Rock Bakery for some fresh bread (and a pepermint brownie - yumo) before heading back home. As always, Campy loved his afternoon adventure and slept the entire car ride home. On Sunday morning I had my longest training run in a very long time. I still get a bit of apprehension and worry on the day/night before a run. But with a good amount of time spent warming up with strength/mobility before each run, I am gaining more confidence and trust with my body. My run was not the typical "long run" of going out