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Understanding upper GI issues on race day

Gastrointestional issues are very common among endurance athletes. Complaints are usually dividing into two categories - upper GI and lower GI.  Most athletes are familiar with lower GI issues - gas, loose stool, urge to defecate, diarrhea, abdominal cramping. I've written several articles on the topic of GI issues but most of the gastrointestinal issues I discuss involve the lower GI tract. In working with hundreds of endurance athletes on race day nutrition, the common culprits of lower GI issues include dehydration and concentrated or poorly applied sport nutrition consumption. I find this area fairly straightforward when it comes to prescribing well-formulated sport nutrition products to minimize or alleviate lower GI issues on race day.  When it comes to upper GI issues in endurance athletes, like belching, vomiting, reflux/heartburn, trouble swallowing and bloating, this area has been more challenging to fix. What makes it so difficult is that most of the athletes that come

Your daily reminder to drink

  There's a good chance that you don't drink nearly as much water as you should in the cooler months. During the summer, it's easy to tell when you are dehydrated. In the winter, you may not actively recognize your current hydration status. But there is still a need for water. Don't let the cooler temps fool you in thinking you are hydrated when you are really dehydrated.  As mentioned in my book  Essential Sports Nutrition :  Water plays a vital in many important roles within your body and you simply can’t survive without it. Water transports glucose, oxygen, and fatty acids through your blood to working muscles. Water eliminates metabolic waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid in the form of urine. Water absorbs heat from your muscles, during exercise, and dissipates it through sweat via the skin, ultimately regulating body temperature.  Water helps digest food through saliva and gastric secretions. Water lubricates joints and cushions organs and tissue

Homemade Apple Cobbler

  A few weeks ago we visited Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock, NC. A place we’ve biked by in the past but have never visited in our 8 years living in Greenville, SC.  While the process of collecting a variety of apples from the tree was satisfying, I felt sad seeing all the wasted apples on the ground. Although some were rotten, there were many that were perfectly imperfect. I made the effort to hunt on the ground, filling over half our bag with hidden gems found under the trees. Nature isn’t perfect and neither is produce. I'm happy to report that we were successful in eating, baking and cooking almost all of our apples from the orchard. We only have five left from this big bowl.  I'm thankful that Joey created the perfect apple cobbler recipe for our newsletter to inspire us to bake with our apples. I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe. Thanks Joey!  Apple Cobbler By Joey Mock, RD, LD, CLT Apple picking season is nearing an end in the Carolinas but there is still a little time