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Hello from Haines City, FL!

How in the heck is it already April!?!?! I can't believe we are just a few sleeps away from our first triathlon race of 2019. When planning our 2019 race schedule back in October/November, we knew we wanted to go back to Haines City for the half Ironman. It's a great early season race to dust off the rust and welcome the hurt that comes with racing. We love the race venue as the town welcomes the race, the race vibe is always welcoming and exciting and the course is spectator friendly (swim and run). The course is not an easy one, and that also appeals to us. This year will be even more challenging as the race day temperature is suppose to reach 90 degrees! 😱 But, we are super excited to share the course with 15 of our amazing athletes. We broke up the drive into two days, leaving on Wednesday late morning. We made the 5.5 hour drive to Jacksonville, FL where we stayed overnight with our friends/athletes Joe and Erica. After our morning workout, we hit the road to Haines C

Do you feel "too heavy" for your sport?

With social media/media with much of the blame, it's easy to feel an overwhelming amount of pressure to look differently. With so much misinformation and information overload about healthy eating, alongside a great cultural obsession about body image, it's understandable why so many athletes are constantly trying to change the way they look, by changing the way the eat and train. Although a lot of good can result from changing the way that you eat IF trying to optimize health and performance, it's important to create a sustainable, healthy style of eating - not one that is restrictive, obsessive and based on fearing food. Do any of the following questions resonate with you? The number on the scale and my reflection in the mirror significantly affects my relationship with food and my body. I have adopted a restrictive diet in an effort to feel control over my eating choices. (less choices + less guessing = control ---> less anxiety around food).  I often feel

Fueling your body (not your body weight)

Smiling as we go into race week! (Picture from 2018 St. George 70.3) It feels great to know that we are finally approaching race week. Six months without racing had made me miss racing and I am so excited that we get to kick off the season with a half Ironman in Haines City, FL along with 15 of our athletes. Although I'm most excited to dust off the rust and experience the hurt that comes with racing, I'm also anxious to see what my new training (thanks to my new coach - my first ever hired coach) has done for my body. I feel fit and healthy and I'm thankful to my body for letting me train for my races. Over the past seven days, I've completed 21800 yards swimming (5 hours), 10:37 hours cycling, 3:52 hours running and one hour of strength training. Thank you body! Throughout every session, I've made sure to fuel and hydrate my body to support every training session. Not only does this help me master my race day nutrition but I also view fueling/hydr