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What did I decide to do on my b-day???? Well, Karel and his teammates are racing the Union City GA cup race this weekend so I decided to join in. An opportunity to ride Seduza in a cycling race and also do a long ride without having to run afterwards (even though, I would love to run!). So...we packed up the team van yesterday (after a BUSY morning of finishing my school work, cleaning up our apartment and running some errands) and hit the road at 12:30pm. Karel, Cody and I were in the team van and Curtis and his wife were in the van ahead. Jeff, the team manager/ABC owner was already checked in at the Comfort Inn. When we arrived, checked into the hotel and unloaded the car, Karel, Curtis and Cody wanted to spin their legs. Jeff and I were hungry so in the choice of Crackel Barrel, Wendy's, McD's, Shoneys and IHOP, we dediced to go to Crackel Barrel for dinner and bring back food for the guys. After everyone was fed, it was around 8:30pm and we drove the TT course. I was in fo


What has Karel gotten himself into? First he hated the thought of getting a TT bike and now he has totally pimped out his bike. This is one sweet looking TT bike. I don't even have a disk wheel!! I told him because it looks so good he will go fast. And when he is finished riding it at the TT on sat morning he can look forward to the crit and RR on his Cervelo. Karel and I will both be racing the GA cup cycling race this weekend. I am doing the 10-mile TT bike (but on my road bike) and then the 48 mile road race on sun. Karel has a 10-mile TT on sat morning, 60 min +5 loops on sat evening and then the 114 mile road race (championships!) on sun. I am sure I will get lapped by Karel and the Pro 1,2 guys as I am racing with the Cat 3/4 women but that is ok. I am just excited to be out there on the same course. Plus, it is my b-day on sat and Karel and I's anniversary!..I'll make the most of the weekend!

A weekend of FUN!

My weekend involved a lot of riding, spending time with Karel and doing lots of nutrition work (school and sports consultations). Saturday: Luckily, there was no rain and the cycling party was a success. There were plenty of people to meet but after a hard ride in the morning, Karel and I had our eyes on the food. After we indulged in lots of yummy food (plenty of Marni-friendly fruits, veggies, healthy salads, bread/crackers and cheese...Karel was super happy about the amount of chocolate deserts. Where's the love for the vanilla fans???) we met a handful of people. Of course I won't remember anyone when they are dressed in spandax and have a helmet on their head, but at least we met some really nice people. Karel knew a few people from previous rides but we were both enjoying being the "new couple" in town. :) Sunday: Karel and I had a nice morning of riding. Although both of our plans changed, it was still a successful morning followed by a yummy breakfast. I was p