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To quit or not to quit? When to DNF.

As you may or may not know, the Trimarni blog started in 2007. Well before 'blogging' was a thing, I needed an outlet to express my feelings after my first DNF. You can read about it here.  In the case of an injury, health issue, current fitness or long term goals, a DNF is often the right decision. This past weekend we had an athlete registered for IMFL. She recently qualified for the Ironman World Championship (2023) at Ironman Chattanooga. Originally IMLP and IMFL was on her schedule, but after learning about the extra Women for Tri slots after she competed at Ironman Lake Placid, we decided to make Chattanooga the priority. But instead of skipping IMFL, we thought it would be a very valuable training day for her. This athlete often struggles with nerves (due to expectations and pressure) which often result in stomach issues throughout the race. We also felt like our athlete was playing it safe in fear of the marathon and has the capability to go faster on the swim and bike.