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25.5 mile run (4311 feet, 13:10 min/mile average) 19 th fastest run. Fastest female run.   I was in a good place mentally and physically when starting the bike. Having Karel there with me helped a lot as I had been with my own thoughts for the past 10+ hours. I could not have asked for a better start to this run as the scenery was beautiful. We were surrounded by mountains, rocks, a flowing creek and the paved road turned into a non-technical trail. Since the first 2.5 miles were slightly downhill, I found my rhythm pretty quickly. Karel carried my USWE hydration pack (minus the hydration) to hold packets of Never Second C30 powder, sport nutrition and an extra flask filled with powder). He wore his hydration belt w/ a bottle and I had my Naked belt w/ 2 flasks (each filled with 1 scoop Never Second C30 berry). We learned a lot from Canadaman and we had a few strategies for this run: Run whenever I could. Let Karel carry stuff so I don’t have to. In ICON, Karel was allowed to run i

XTRI ICON Race Recap - Bike

123 mile bike - 9:24:59 (9:12.12 riding time) 15276 feet elevation gain, 5 mountain passes Forcola Pass (10.2 miles, 1634 feet, 52 minutes) It didn’t take long for me to warm up as once I got out of the town of Livigno, I started to climb the first mountain pass. The grade was gentle but it was a noticeable climb for 10 miles. My legs were tired and I didn’t feel like my normal self so I just focused on trying to find a good rhythm. The grade averaged around 3-5% which is one of my favorite climbing grades so that helped as nothing was steep. The support cars are not allowed to pace the athletes so Karel and I had a strategy that he would drive up next to me, I would tell him what I needed/wanted and then he would find a good place to stop to give me what I needed. Support crews also can not give aid while moving in the car, the car has to be stopped. Anytime I needed a drink or food, Karel would give it to me on an uphill (because it’s easier for him to run next to me and hand me

XTRI ICON Race Recap - Pre race and swim

  1.8 mile SWIM: 56:57 2 nd female Although ICON was only my 2 nd XTRI event, I’ve learned that a lot of preparation is needed going into the event (much more so than a normal Ironman). I checked in for the race on Wednesday (race on Friday). Karel (my support) had to be there with me. We checked in our mandatory T3 bags which had to be left with the staff until race day. Inside, each bag was required to have; headlamp, shirt, pants, gloves, hat, waterproof jacket with hood. On Thursday we attended the mandatory English race briefing at 4pm. We were notified that the swim would be shortened from 2.4 miles to 1.8 miles due the combination of the air and water temperature. I was extremely nervous on Thursday. Karel suggested that we swim at the pool as that is a happy place for me. He was right, I felt so good swimming and it relieved a lot After a 33 minute, ~2200 yard feel good swim at the aquatic center (long course meters), Karel and I went for a short ride to spin the legs. I