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Reframe your thinking over the holiday season

When was the last time you beat yourself up for “cheating” on your diet or for missing a workout? Athletes are typically very determined, passionate, focused and hard working and when put into certain life situations, athletes can be very on or off. Either choices are a success or a failed attempt. Because of this natural tendency to want to be "on" all the time, it’s understandable that many athletes feel a loss of control around the holiday season as it relates to succeeding with healthy eating and consistent exercising.  With 365 days in a year, there’s no reason to be extreme with your dietary and exercise habits around the holiday season. But at the same time, you can maintain great health and wellness over the holidays with a little shift in your thinking. All you need is a little reframing to help shift your mind out of negative thinking.  According to Molly Kellogg, RD, LCSW, and author of Counseling Tips for Nutrition Therapists, “Reframing a problem involves p

Healthy Weight vs. Race Weight? A must read for performing at your best.

Source Athletes are constantly being told to lose weight. Whether it's directly from a coach or from the messages and images viewed on social media and in articles and on TV, we live in a body obsessed society. With so many different body types and so many different styles of eating (aka "diets"), driven by misconceptions about food, body dissatisfaction and misguided strategies for eating "right", it doesn't surprise me when I see the health and performance of competitive, body conscious, goal oriented and driven athletes, deteriorate. Most athletes have no idea how much energy is needed by the body to perform at a high level. Most athletes do not feel they deserve to eat "that much food". Now more than ever, most athletes are very obsessed with how much they weigh. Due to so many false statements relating to body weight and performance, athletes are constantly trying to be thinner, leaner and lighter, while trying to get faster and to go

Trimarni athlete spotlight: Tracy Kuhn: Mom of 3 conquers a marathon!

We are excited to announce a new feature on the Trimarni blog where we will be shining the spotlight on one of our Trimarni athletes (coaching or nutrition) every week. We hope that you will feel inspired by the spotlight athlete as you learn a few tips and tricks to help you reach your personal athletic and nutrition goals. Our athletes are normal individuals choosing to do exceptional things with a healthy body. N ame: Tracy Kuhn Age:  37 City/State:  Lexington, SC Primary sport:  Running How many years in the sport:  Off and on for the past 7 years, steady for the last two.  What Trimarni services have you used:  Nutrition  - 2 x preparation nutrition services and 1 x race week/day nutrition planning service Training plan adjustment (Tracy used a run training plan from the Internet and purchased a consulting service for Marni to adjust workouts for more specificity and individualized training) -------------

Re-learn to love your body

Are you satisfied with your body? Do you wish that you looked differently? What type of dialogue do you hear in your head when you look at yourself in a mirror? Why are you constantly receiving and believing messages that your body is not good enough?  Healthy bodies come in all sizes. Body weight does not predict athletic success. A number on the scale does not define you as a person. There is a strong association between social media usage and body image concerns. On social media, you are viewing a snapshot of life. But what about all the filtered, edited and perfectly posed and cropped images that you believe equate to happiness and body satisfaction? To compare is to despair. If a visual image makes you think less of yourself or causes you to develop negative feelings about your body, it's time to stop following that image. Stop fixating on what is perfect on another person's body, thinking that you will be happier, more liked or more successful if you looked that

Tips to get the most out of your indoor workout

                                At some point in the season, almost every athlete will find him/herself training indoors. For many athletes, indoor workouts are the norm for several months of the year due to winter storms/temps. Are you the type of athlete who loves training indoors? Training indoors provides a safe, controlled environment with few to no distractions. Due to time constraints, many athletes prefer indoor training as the only/best way to get in workouts early in the morning or late at night or to stick to a schedule. Are you the type of athlete who views indoor training as the last resort training environment? Training indoors may feel boring and isolating, making you feel less motivated to start or finish a workout trapped inside walls. Reasons for working out indoors Unsafe weather conditions (ex. storm, ice, snow, extreme wind, etc.) Impractical weather conditions to safely exercise or execute a workout Personal preference - safety, accountability Sp